CLP cuts will hurt Territory – Higgins must come clean

TheCLPs budget reply today highlighted the clear choice Territorians will have atthe next NT election.

TheLabor Government has clear plans to create local jobs, drive generationalchange, cut crime and to fix the budget in a way that is fair.

TheTerritory has been through some tough years dealing with:

The $867m deficit left by the previous CLPGovernment

$500m in GST cuts from the Federal CoalitionGovernment

The wind-down of the INPEX construction phase

Budget2019 shows that while many challenges remain, the Territory Government plansare working, the economy has started to improve and our future is bright.

Whenlast in Government, the CLP slashed and burned the public service, sackedhundreds of teachers and nurses, jacked up power prices 30%, cancelled theArafura Games and sold or leased TIO, the Port and the buses.

Todayin his budget reply, the Opposition Leader confirmed CLP plans for more cuts.

Territoriansdeserve to know the extent of the cuts including:

How many teachers, nurses and police will theCLP sack?

How much will they jack up power prices?

How much will they cut from remote housing andwhich crucial health services will they cut?

We know they will sell Power Water but whichother public assets will they sell?

We know they scrap the Arafura Games again butwhat other events will be cut?

We know they will cut public servants holidaysbut what other attacks on staff are planned?

As stated by TreasurerNicole Mansion:

Thereis a very clear choice for Territorians at the next NT election.

TheTerritory Labor Governments fair plans that we have outlined or the CLPapproach of jacking up power prices 30%, scrapping the Arafura Games, sellingTIO and slashing and burning.

Weknow the CLP will cut hard and hurt the Territory – they did it before and theywill do it again.

Laborhas detailed our fair plan to fix the budget, create jobs, and drivegenerational change its time the CLP told the truth and released their planfor more cuts.”

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