Communities say no to anti-protest laws

Tasmanian Labor
  • Labor will not support laws that attack people’s right to hold government to account
  • Bad legislation can’t be allowed to silence Tasmanians
  • This is a stunt and a distraction from a government under pressure on multiple fronts
  • Tasmanian communities have spoken out against Will Hodgman’s proposed anti-protest laws.

    Labor Member for Lyons Jen Butler said the Westbury community is rightly concerned that the poorly written legislation could prevent them from speaking out about the government’s lack of transparency and accountability on the proposed northern prison.

    “The legislation shows up a government hell bent on limiting the voices of Tasmanians who call the Liberals out for their failures. The northern prison is one example of a community issue where people’s voices would be silenced by these laws.

    “The right to peaceful protest is a fundamental part of our democracy and must be protected. Westbury is just one community where the democratic rights of Tasmanians would be violated by this legislation.

    “Is Will Hodgman telling the people of Westbury they can’t walk down the streets of their own town?

    “Labor will not support laws that directly attack the rights of Tasmanians to hold government accountable.”

    Shadow Minister for Corrections Ella Haddad said the legislation was a Liberal stunt, designed to distract from the ongoing crisis in our hospitals, and other bad news for Will Hodgman’s Government.

    “If the Government is so worried about protesters impeding the work of forestry businesses, then let’s have a discussion about trespass and criminal damage laws. Labor is up for that conversation.

    “This is a stunt and a distraction. Why else would they be bringing it on right at the end of a sitting year?”

    Ella Haddad

    Shadow Minister for Corrections

    Jen Butler

    Labor Member for Lyons

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