COVID-19 vaccine top 3 questions – COVIDSafe app, vaccine lifespan and impact on other medication




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Good morning everybody, it’s Dr Nick and James here for

today’s Top 3.

And as you know if you’re hearing the Top 3 with me, that

must mean it’s a Friday. So I wish you all a wonderful weekend

and a safe weekend, hopefully with your family. And for

those of you who are working I hope it’s not too difficult

for you.

My shout out today is to everyone involved in the COVID-19

vaccine rollout. You know, this is one of the largest

logistical exercises that Australia has ever undertaken,

we need to ensure a level of cooperation that’s not been

seen before, between federal, state, health departments,

between general practices, between our nursing staff at

hospitals, and you, the community.

It’s going to go as smoothly as we can possibly make it,

but there will be hiccups along the way.

We have already seen that the vaccine program may extend

into 2022 in order to vaccinate all our population, our

Health Secretary, Brendan Murphy, said that yesterday

during the parliamentary inquiry. And that’s because, of

course, the AstraZeneca vaccine, the one that I received

two days ago, takes 12 weeks to go through the course.

So for those in the second phases of our vaccination campaign,

phase 2a and particularly phase 2b, if you get your vaccine

towards the end of the year then the second vaccine may occur

in 2022.

The important thing to remember there, about the AstraZeneca

vaccine is that it induces protective antibodies, in 94% of

people within one week of vaccination. So once you get that

first jab of the AstraZeneca vaccine, you are protected.

Then the second vaccine in the AstraZeneca regime, is to give

you the durability of protection over long period of time.

Just going back on that personal note, I received that

AstraZeneca vaccine, I’m feeling great today. I was a little

fatigued yesterday, and I had a headache on the first

night after the vaccine, and some people do get side effects

like that. I took some Panadol, recovered perfectly well, and

I’m feeling great today.

First question.Should I still be using the COVIDSafe app once I have been


Now, particularly in the early phases of our rollout of the

vaccine, before a large number of Australians have been

vaccinated, COVID-19 vaccination is not a substitute for

COVID-19 safe behaviour.

The vaccine at the moment is supplementing other public health

rules and guidelines, at the moment we still need to remember

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