Eastern Shore let down as Liberals blunder traffic, infrastructure challenges

Tasmanian Labor
  • Liberals lack a plan to improve Eastern Shore congestion
  • Promises broken as Liberals do nothing to improve traffic
  • Investment in infrastructure under Liberals long overdue
  • Eastern Shore residents are stuck in traffic or driving on unsafe roads, frustrated by the lack of planning and investment from the Hodgman Government.

    Shadow Infrastructure Minister and Franklin MP David O’Byrne said the Liberals had no infrastructure agenda to ease pressures on the Eastern Shore.

    “Minister Rockliff has made a complete hash of roads and public transport policy in Tasmania,” Mr O’Byrne said.

    “If the members for Pembroke, Rumney and Franklin had a dollar for every commuter who has raised frustrations with the Liberals’ inaction on traffic going into the city, we could fund a replacement bridge.

    “Tasmanians want to be getting home to their families sooner or getting on with their work rather than sitting in gridlock.

    “The Liberals have missed their own deadline three times to release their 30-year infrastructure strategy.

    With 87 per cent of people saying traffic is getting worse under the Liberals, nothing is happening to make traffic run more smoothly.

    “Tasmanians travelling on congested or unsafe roads deserve action and a government prepared to invest in our long-term infrastructure needs.”

    Labor Member for Pembroke Jo Siejka said the Mornington Roundabout was symptomatic of the lack of a plan for roads and traffic congestion.

    Ms Siejka said that after collecting community feedback through doorknocking, petitions and social media she was overwhelmed by the number of people who want to see improvements at the Mornington Roundabout.

    “People who use this intersection are telling us of countless near misses, accidents and other horror stories of people trying to navigate the intersection,” Ms Siejka said.

    “There’s been no long-term planning which has added to the chaos caused by changes to bus services.

    “In the long term I am sure that there are vast improvements that can be made to the Mornington Roundabout but there are steps the Government can take immediately to improve safety without having to undertake massive roadworks,” Ms Siejka said.

    “One thing the Government could be doing immediately is working towards safer access for pedestrians.

    “Labor will continue to keep up the pressure on behalf of Tasmanians let down by the Liberals’ lack of investment and planning.”

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