EPA fines Aussie Skips for excessive dust emissions

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has fined Aussie Skips Recycling Pty Ltd $30,000 for alleged offences related to dust emissions and operating outside hours permitted in their Environment Protection Licence.

EPA Director Waste Compliance Greg Sheehy said dust was generated from machinery operations on a day classified as a high risk for dust at the Strathfield premises.

“EPA officers observed dust being generated by an excavator at work, and being blown out of the Aussie Skips premises due to high winds,” Mr Sheehy said.

“Aussie Skips were warned by the EPA prior to the alleged offence that high winds were predicted on that particular day and were advised to cease operations if dust was not able to be managed properly.

“Dust supression controls were active during the EPA observation but were ineffective at controlling the dust emissions from the premises.”

In addition to the dust emission offence, Aussie Skips have also received a fine for conducting work activities on the premises outside approved hours, on a separate occasion.

“Camera security footage clearly shows trucks entering and exiting the premises and a forklift operating after 6pm.

“Aussie Skips are not permitted to work past 6pm under their Environment Protection Licence to prevent noise impacting their neigbours. Both the EPA and residents near the premises expect them to adhere to these conditions and finish work at this time.

“The EPA has reminded Aussie Skips of their operating conditions on numerous occasions in the past and they are aware of what is required of them.”

Penalty notices are one of several tools the EPA can use to achieve environmental compliance including formal warnings, official cautions, licence conditions, notices and directions and prosecutions.

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