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Police make arrest after damage to speed camera
New study looking for participants to test weight loss intervention
Parks Canada sites in western Newfoundland and southern Labrador officially kick off 2022 summer visitor season
Key safe city survey findings released
Cannabis users require more sedation for endoscopy 25 May
Microparticles with feeling
Objects can now be 3D-printed in opaque resin
Cannabis users require more sedation for endoscopy
Machine learning radically reduces workload of cell counting for disease diagnosis
Further CCTV images relating to Invercargill assault to feature on Ten 7 Aotearoa tonight
Remember to slow down near emergency scenes
New camera installed to catch people dumping rubbish
Response to Office of Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner
Body cameras, live streaming bring search and rescue into next generation
Team reveals first image of black hole at our galaxy’s heart
How we perceive crowds
Marathon effort to save trapped kitten
NASA to Provide Update on InSight Mars Lander
Early warning flood camera network expanded
Chaff residues put to pest pressure test
NASA to Discuss Webb Telescope Alignment, Instrument Setup
Researchers Create Flat Magic Window with Liquid Crystals
Scientists create flat magic window with liquid crystals
Officer assaults man during unlawful arrest in Tauranga
School crossing guard body camera trial
NZ police mobile safe speed camera vehicle operator assaulted
Venus and Jupiter to get hearts racing with celestial “kiss”
Researchers Add Antireflection Coatings to Complex 3D Printed Micro-Optical Systems
Apple’s Self Service Repair now available
Hidden spy cameras have “nowhere to hide”
SLOW DOWN – School Zones
Researchers Demonstrate Label-Free Super-Resolution Microscopy
Inspired by Prehistoric Creatures, NIST Researchers Make Record-Setting Lenses
Western’s all-sky cameras capture bright fireball event
An Insight to Behind Scenes of an OnlyFans Model
Robot dog reports for duty
Researchers Create Miniature Wide-Angle Camera with Flat Metalenses
Scientists create miniature wide-angle camera with flat metalenses
Free photography workshops in Gladstone and Willawarrin
You’re muted – or are you? Videoconferencing apps may listen even when mic is off
Macquarie Correctional Centre staff, inmates in marathon race to fundraise for cancer care
Putting police facial recognition on trial London School of Economics 14 June 2022
Announcing Winners Of Koala Art Trail Design Competition
Grants boost businesses in battle against hoons
Researchers Develop Glass-in-Glass Fabrication Approach for Making Miniature IR Optics
James Webb Space Telescope: beginning to see light
In uncertain situations, our choices become messy
Squid recorded color-matching substrate for first time