First Drive Through Bike Store – Covid19

Brookvale Bike Factory

In a Covid-19 adaptation to assist older customers, Brookvale Bike Factory (BBF) has introduced the first drive-through bike servicing and sales operation in Australia.

Customers drop off and pick up bikes for servicing using a drive through area.
BBF is a family Bike business on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, NSW. Owner (of 27 years) Andrew Taylor, and his team, have launched up the first drive through bike store in Australia.
It is already booming and popular with locals, particulary retirees, who want to keep rolling but need to keep their social distance.
A young staff member came up with the idea and it so far it is booming as people in the area start to work from home.
Bike stores have been classified as essential service in the UK and New York – i.e. as a way to reduce load on public transport.
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