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New book brings Yorkshire’s lost words to life
Interpretable machine learning predicts terrorism worldwide
New Cornell sugarhouse sweetens NY’s maple industry
Biffa fined £1.5 million for ‘reckless’ export breach
Reduction of armed conflict in Colombia led to better pregnancy outcomes, study suggests
5 things to know about… air travel
World Trade Center responders with greatest exposure to toxic dust have higher likelihood of liver disease
Climate change: Shattering temperature ceiling
Qld crocs recover from near extinction
Mount Sinai’s J Mocco, MD, to Lead Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery
Water Corporation recommits to Aboriginal Procurement Policy and triples value of Aboriginal contracts
Wild caught tiger prawn season ready to start
Full figures show sheer scope of Torres and Cape’s Covid response
From electric dreams to supercharged reality: road race to clean energy future
Study sheds new light on behaviour called joint attention
University of Missouri plays crucial role in new NSF artificial intelligence institute
$20 million federal grant launches AI institute for better crops, agricultural production
$20M awarded for scientific research to ensure health equity in preventing hypertension
More tolerant primates have greater need to communicate vocally, new study shows
Scientists Invent New Information Storage and Processing Device
Canada Invests in Clean Technologies for Electric Vehicles
Three New Organs, One New Life
Half of U.S. parents may not vaccinate their youngest child against Covid
Mars’ bright south pole reflections may be clay – not water
Locals stress need for communities along Georges River to understand flood risks
FAO Director-General and world leaders outline pathways to end hunger
Statement Regarding Repurchase Agreement Arrangements
Unemployment numbers stabilizing at higher than pre-pandemic numbers
To advance equitable and effective conservation, OECMs should be key policy tool
Spotted lanternfly spreading in New York state
Hemp goes ‘hot’ due to genetics, not environmental stress
Topical Molecular Imaging Tracer Enables Real-Time Detection of Cervical Cancer
‘Founding Father’ of lithium-ion batteries helps solve 40-year problem with his invention
Machine Learning for Cardiovascular Disease Improves When Social, Environmental Factors Are Included
Stained glass present at murder of Thomas Becket could be oldest existing in England
Willoughby Orchestra and Choir’s Last Night of Proms
Scientists Discover Early Signs of Frontotemporal Dementia in Personalized Cerebral Organoids
Book explores historical queerness of Nuyorican Poets Cafe
Study links autism to new set of rare gene variants
New study explores how air pollution in indoor spaces affects human health
Seoul to implement city-wide public IoT network by 2023
Willoughby Symphony Orchestra’s Parisian Rhapsody
Maths-based marine management project wins £1.5m funding
2021 ECOSOC resolution on Joint Programme adopted by consensus
‘Feel good’ brain messenger can be willfully controlled
Study to investigate how air pollution in indoor spaces affects health
Global warming may limit spread of dengue fever, new research finds
Scientists discover gene therapy provides neuroprotection to prevent glaucoma vision loss