Five-year-old boy saves up birthday money to take his ‘best friend in the world’ on adorable ‘first date’

Little Freddie could teach those much older than him a thing or two about being a gentleman

First dates can be intimidating, scary and cringe-inducing, but one little boy was determined he would have one with his ‘best friend in the whole world’.

Five-year-old Freddie Gibson, from Christchurch, had asked his parents what a ‘date’ is, and when they explained he said he would like to take his friend, Dee Dee, for a romantic meal.

Quite the charmer, he sent her an invitation in the post asking if she’d like to accompany him on a date once she turned five – his parents aren’t quite sure where this stipulation came from.

Freddie then saved up his birthday money to pay for the meal and even bought a new wallet to keep the money safe.

Pizza Express

His mum, Nina Gibson, explained that he had to look after Dee Dee, make sure she was happy and help each other read the menu. He wanted to give her flowers, so she arranged for a mini bouquet.

Freddie’s mum Nina said: “Katy and I have known each other since our antenatal classes and the children have always had an incredibly close friendship.


“Freddie had been talking about asking Dee Dee on a ‘date’ for a while, so as they’re both huge Pizza Express fans it seemed like the obvious place for them to go.

“It was just the cutest trip out ever and it was so wonderful to see them have such a great time.”

Staff at the restaurant also threw in a dessert decorated with hearts for the young ‘couple’.

Pizza Express

Freddie said: “Dee Dee is my best friend in the whole world and I loved our date. I’d like to take Dee Dee on another date because she’s beautiful.”

Anyone’s heart melting yet?

The real question is what Dee Dee thought of his efforts. She said: “I really enjoyed going on a date with Freddie – especially the hearts on our ice cream!”

Dee Dee’s mum Katy Jones said: “It really was the funniest thing, an invite in the post (once Dee Dee had reached the respectable age of 5), a tiny bouquet of flowers, a table for two by the window!

“They are polar opposites in personality but really are very fond of each other, Dee Dee has even picked out her wedding dress from the local boutique!”

We’ll be sure to buy our hats, then…

(Source: Mirror)