Former Fire chiefs: bushfire Royal Commission clear on need for climate action

Emergency Leaders for Climate Action

FORMER FIRE AND EMERGENCY CHIEFS welcome the Bushfire Royal Commission’s warning that climate change fuelled the Black Summer fires, and demand urgent action from the Federal government on climate change.

“The Bushfire Royal Commission has laid out the facts in no uncertain terms: climate change drove the Black Summer bushfires, and climate change is pushing us into a future of unprecedented bushfire severity,” said Greg Mullins, founder of Emergency Leaders for Climate Action and former Commissioner, Fire and Rescue NSW.

“The Federal Government absolutely must act on the root cause of worsening bushfires in Australia, and take urgent steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This clearly means no new coal or gas, and a rapid transition to renewable energy.

“Australians are watching the Federal Government closely to make sure it follows through on these recommendations. We are watching closely to make sure the Federal Government accepts and implements all recommendations,” said Mr Mullins.

Craig Lapsley, former VIC Emergency Management Commissioner, said: “The tens of billions of dollars of disaster costs laid out in the final report are staggering, not to mention the loss of life, long-term health costs, and impacts on Australian jobs and communities.

“Australians have paid a heavy price for climate change inaction and we will continue to do so if Federal and State Governments continue to back new coal and gas instead of renewables.

“This Bushfire Royal Commission is the latest in a line of expert inquiries that has laid bare the consequences of climate change on Australian lives and our economy.

“It’s time for the Federal and State Government to act on the recommendations made in this report, starting with meaningful action on climate change,” said Mr Lapsley.

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