Generational Change: Accelerate Strategy to Increase Connectivity of NT Schools

TheTerritory Labor Government has today launched a new three year strategy aimedat enhanced technology use in schools and reducing the digital divide betweenthe NTs remote and urban students.

TheAccelerate Education for All with Technologyand Information 2019-2022 strategy puts in place the framework to harnessthe opportunities of the digital age and to transform the delivery of educationthrough technology.

Inthe vast Northern Territory, with its 108 remote and very remote schools, thenumber one action identified in the strategy is to increase the connectivity ofcommunities to support better learning, engagement and growth.

Equityof access is a key principle of the strategy and is being improved through LANupgrades and remote connectivity projects.

Theseare working towards reducing the digital divide, to ensure teachers andstudents in remote locations have access to the same world class learningexperiences their urban counterparts do.

Throughthe trial of a Virtual School, the strategy is also aiming to engage remote,transient senior years students, using technology, rather than a traditionalface-to-face classroom setting.

Acopy of the strategy can be found at:

As noted by Ministerfor Education, Selena Uibo.

Everychild, no matter where they live, deserves access to the same qualityeducation, so they can engage, grow and achieve their full potential.

Usingdigital technology, there are now opportunities we have not previously had toconnect our teachers and students within the Northern Territory and beyond, todeliver world class learning experiences.

Ourchildren and young people need to prepare for the jobs of the future. Todaysstudnets will graduate into a workforce that expects higher order thinkingskills, digital fluency and the ability to collaborate and solve complexproblems.

TheTerritory Labor Government is investing to ensure our children build theseskills in a safe, secure and connected digital environment.

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