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Three reasons why you should be using UC’s Makerspace in 2023
Research gives insights into 17th century life in Plymouth
Tokyo Tech performs well at 45th ICPC World Finals
Improved Blood Clot Treatment with Controlled Delivery of Thinner
Inclusive education support grants awarded 6 January
High Schoolers Win Merit Award in S’pore Math Comp. 2.0
Overview and update on Cincinnati Convention Center District
Mood Fluctuations’ Effect on Decision-Making Confidence?
Mellon grants $1M to deepen and improve Freedom on Move
Late Canopy Growth Hinders Peak Photosynthesis in North
Extended transition period: TLI50816 Diploma of Customs Broking
Link between Procrastination and Student Health Found
University of Helsinki Sees Surge in International Master’s Applications
Afghan women respond to Taliban decision to ban them from university
Adventure into Interior Design with Sibella Court Scholarship
Social Media Habits Linked to Brain Development
Sustainable labs are climate-friendly and save money
Adult with meningococcal disease 3 January
Improvements span curriculum and culture
HKU holds flag-raising ceremony on New Year’s Day
Go8 supports expert health advice re COVID testing
Statement on Covid testing
Applications to Plastic Surgery Residencies Lag Behind Positions Boom
India Tertiary Education Sector Hails Trade Agreement
Australia-India Trade Pact Boosts Services Exports
Cambodia Celebrates School Cooks with Cooking Contests
Inclusive education support grants awarded
Getting Teachers Back In Classroom In 2023
Oldest Projectile Points in Americas Unearthed by Oregon State Archaeologists
Nonimmigrant Visas: Interview Waiver Extended for Some Applicants
WUR for Christmas holidays: read three great stories from past year
More NSW ambulance staff join ranks
Swinburne VET showcases talent at Worldskills
SLC warns students of phishing attempts
Chatbots Bring Cheer, Not Necessarily Better Service
Insight into registration and licensing activity
Cheerful Chatbots Don’t Necessarily Improve Customer Service
Rise of esports
University of Missouri Shifting to Remote Operations Dec. 22-23
Climate Impacts Are Increasing; Textbooks Aren’t Keeping Pace
Textbook Coverage of Climate Change Lags Behind Growing Issue
Climate Impacts Outstripping Textbook Coverage: Study
Honorary degree for long-serving University Secretary
Why we’ll take Wednesday every day of week
Predicting lava flow
School Bus Drivers’ Wages Now Guaranteed: Consistency Achieved
Making positive change