Glimmer of hope now lost with delay in easing of restrictions

Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

It is extremely disappointing that Victorians who have not respected the social distancing requirements are now costing businesses and jobs as the entire state pays the price.

Victorian businesses have been dealt another blow with the delay in easing of restrictions, which will directly impact thousands of restaurants, pubs, auction halls, gyms, cinemas, theatres and other cultural and religious venues.
Many of these businesses have carefully mapped out their reopening plans and how they would cater for more patrons and now will endure another three week wait before they see some reprieve.
Victorian businesses are desperate for a clear plan from the Andrews Government to get their businesses up and running again, and this delay will mean the end for some struggling businesses.
Similarly, the extension of the work from home order across the state to 31 July will mean that many businesses continue to suffer from lack of foot traffic and patronage from office workers, including in regional and suburban areas that may have little or no cases.
Quotes to be attributed to Victorian Chamber Chief Executive Paul Guerra: “This news will be devastating for thousands of small businesses desperate to get back to work before it is too late.
“Businesses are already against the wall and this is another setback that will make or break struggling businesses.
“Business can’t shut down indefinitely.
“Victorian businesses have done everything the government has asked of them and are now adapting and altering their workplaces and businesses to abide by social distancing restrictions. What they need now is for the Government to trust them to reopen safely, keeping their customers, clients and staff safe while moving into recovery.
“Victoria is already falling behind our interstate competitors as the only state with declining jobs, and many Victorian businesses are wondering how they can make it through.
“Our members are desperate for a plan from the Government to get Victorian businesses back in the strong position they were once in and we are deeply disappointed that this is still not forthcoming.”
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