Halftime Hodgman has dropped ball on billion dollar hydrogen opportunity

  • Where’s Will Hodgman’s hydrogen strategy?
  • 500 regional jobs under threat from Government’s inaction
  • Hydrogen potentially worth $10 billion to Tasmania
  • Will Hodgman is doing nothing to secure jobs and investment in a new $10 billion hydrogen industry for Tasmania.

    In Parliament today, Will Hodgman refused to reveal whether the Government had started developing a hydrogen strategy as part of a national plan due to be released by the end of the year.

    Shadow Minister for Roads and Infrastructure, David O’Byrne, said Tasmania was way behind other states in the bid for this vital project.

    “Halftime Hodgman has left the field while other states are rapidly advancing their plans for hydrogen generation,” Mr O’Byrne said.

    “We know that Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia all have established hydrogen strategies and yet it seems Will Hodgman hasn’t even started one for Tasmania.

    “Queensland launched its initial strategy last year and finalised it in May and has already hosted international delegations in a bid to strengthen its case.

    “Will Hodgman should have started laying the groundwork months ago and his hands off approach is putting this critical opportunity at risk along with the potential to create 500 new jobs in regional Tasmania.

    “These are renewable and skilled jobs that are being squandered by the Hodgman Minority Government because it doesn’t have the vision or passion to make this potential $10 billion industry a reality for Tasmania.

    “The Finkle Report will map where the investment dollars go, but only those jurisdictions that have done the work will be rewarded. “This report is due out later this year which means Tasmania is running out of time to pull something of substance together and join the race.”

    David O’Byrne MP

    Shadow Minister for Roads and Infrastructure