iCar Asia puts the pedal to the metal

Heading towards the end of 2018 iCar Asia continues to push the envelope with technology, marketing and products that satisfy customers and consumers.

Moving from just classified listings into new areas is the key to success. August saw the launch of an Auction platform to sell consumer and fleet cars to Used Car Dealers and is proving to be a huge potential growth area. Over AUD$1m in cars have been sold so far.

Video Listings, a first in the region, is getting excellent take up from Used Car Dealers, and from a consumer perspective it becomes very enticing to see a car via video, rather than the traditional images only listings. These listings, in terms of engagement and action, perform over 20%+ better than static listings.

On the Customer side a Lead Marketplace platform is about to be launched, in conjunction with the continuing focus on New Car sales, that will help New Car Dealers completely manage the leads generated by the iCar Asia consumer websites. Not only does this new platform allow lead management and nurturing, it will also allow Dealer’s to manage their sales team and inventory. New Car is a particular focus for iCar Asia with new car sales on the increase across Malaysia (up 7% YTD September*), Thailand (up 20% YTD September*) and Indonesia (up 7% YTD September*). This is a marked difference to a market like Australia which was down 1% YTD September (-14% for Passenger cars alone).

Audience coming to iCar Asia’s websites has increased by 40% YoY and driven mainly by Malaysia’s Carlist.my, which for the first time ever, exceeded an audience of 4 million in October 2018 (up 87% on October 2017).

“2018 has been a revolutionary year iCar Asia. Innovation with products such as Video Listings, iCar Data and a newly about to launch Lead Marketplace for Car Dealers will ensure that iCar Asia continues on the trajectory of being a major force in the ASEAN region” says Hamish Stone, CEO of iCar Asia.

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