Jason Statham, Jessica Alba in 1st trailer for “Mechanic: Resurrection”

– Lionsgate has released the first trailer for “Mechanic: Resurrection”. In the two-minute trailer, Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is forced to travel the globe to complete three impossible assassinations in order to save his love, Gina (Jessica Alba), AceShowbiz said.

The trailer opens with Bishop hanging on a skyscraper. He then cracks a glass-bottomed sky pool to kill a guy swimming in it. Bishop and the guy see each other before the pool starts to leak. Bishop slides down the building as the guy tries to save his life.

There’s also footage of Bishop jumping off the cliff to escape from the jail and jumping off a sky cable car.

Statham and Alba are joined in “Mechanic: Resurrection” cast by Tommy Lee Jones, Michelle Yeoh, Sam Hazeldine and Geoffrey Giuliano. Directed by “The Wave” helmer Dennis Gansel from a script by Phillip Shelby and Tony Mosher, the sequel to “The Mechanic” is coming to U.S. theaters on August 26.