Kinetic Disrupts Consulting with Pay-by-the-Month Offering for SMEs

Kinetic Consulting Australia

A new way to pay for business consulting is set to help SMEs become more competitive in the digital era.

Sydney, AUSTRALIA: Kinetic Consulting, the leading boutique consulting company providing services to accelerate growth, cost optimisation, and business transformation, announced today it would offer the Australian marketplace a new way to pay for consultancy. Companies will now be able to pay for consulting services over 12 months instead of paying the full amount at the time of the consultancy. The purpose of this new offering is to deliver greater value for the middle market by enabling them to spread the costs of consultancy over a longer-term while they benefit immediately from solutions developed from the consultancy.

Some SME’s in Australia are at risk of being left behind when it comes to taking advantage of new growth strategies and digital solutions. A 2019 report by Deloitte found that the single most significant barrier for SMEs to engage in digital was cost. Most SMEs don’t have the cash to fund the upfront loaded costs of consultancy and the set-up of new technologies. “Cashflow for SMEs is typically tight, so any new unplanned expense such as consulting fees can be a substantial burden. We aim to ease some of this burden by spreading payments over 12 months to help with cash flow. By removing the barrier of high upfront costs we are making business consulting more accessible to a much larger number of SMEs. Now they will be able to receive professional expertise to help their businesses grow and optimise costs without paying all the costs at the end of the consultancy. Most consulting assignments range from 1-2 months and at the end of the consultancy they can start receiving the immediate benefits by implementing the plans developed during the consultancy”, said Joe Tawfik CEO of Kinetic Consulting.

SMEs are the backbone of the Australian economy, having contributed approximately A$390 billion in 2019 to GDP. Business consultancy provides SMEs with the opportunity to address a business problem, streamline operations or develop a roadmap for growth. Access to expert consultancy is the key. Kinetic aims to remove the barrier of upfront costs and make consulting more accessible to SMEs to ensure they remain competitive and capitalise on the opportunities offered by new technologies and strategies such as customer experience led growth.

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