Leyonhjelm practical on International Women’s Day, pledges pepper spray

David Leyonhjelm has marked International Women’s Day by pledging to put pepper spray for self-defence on the agenda in NSW.

“Carrying pepper spray currently carries the same maximum penalty as sexual assault: 14 years imprisonment,” he said. “This reflects seriously distorted values. It should not be a crime for women, the vulnerable or others in the community to carry pepper spray for personal protection if they wish.”

The former veterinarian also exposed the absurdity of the laws, saying: “It is currently legal to possess and use a spray to repel dogs attacking you, but if you are carrying the dog spray to protect yourself against another person, you will find yourself in big strife with the law.”

David has been outspoken on the issue of self-defence during his two terms in the Senate and used his last days as a Senator to call for the legalisation of pepper spray. He now wants to continue his quest in the NSW Legislative Council.

“We all express shock and outrage following each high-profile violent attack,” he said. “But while other politicians merely offer thoughts and prayers, I want people to have the option to defend themselves. As we know, when seconds count, the police are always minutes away.”

“The government’s first duty is to protect its citizens from harm,” he added. “Unfortunately, there will always be bad people who are intent on harm. Legalising pepper spray, which is not even restricted in most countries, is a simple step to allow people we can take to prevent and deter these thugs, murderers and rapists from such vile actions.”

David is running as the lead candidate for the Liberal Democrats in the Legislative Council. The Liberal Democrats are also running ten candidates in the Legislative Assembly. View the full suite of policies and candidates at https://www.ldp.org.au/nsw

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