Liberal use their numbers to shield incompetent Health Minister

Tasmanian Labor
  • Sue Hickey joins calls for embattled Ferguson to go
  • Minority Liberal Government desperate to avoid testing its numbers
  • Michael Ferguson can’t run from scrutiny forever
  • The Minority Liberal Government has gagged debate in the Parliament to protect its embattled Health Minister from a vote of no confidence.

    Liberal Member for Clark Sue Hickey has declared her position that the Minister should be removed, joining Labor, health professionals and more than 3000 Tasmanians who signed a petition this year for his removal.

    “If I was Premier, I would say it’s time to give Michael … I would give him something else to do.”

    “I think it’s time for Michael to consider his position. He’s lost the faith of the doctors. He’s lost the faith of the nurses. There’s not a lot of faith in the Parliament. He just stands up every day and says thanks for this report… He can’t keep glossing over this. This is a serious issue. And it probably just needs fresh blood.”

    – Sue Hickey, Mornings with Leon Compton, 12 June 2019

    Labor Leader Rebecca White said this meant Mr Ferguson would be unlikely to survive a no confidence motion.

    “The Liberals will do anything to avoid a vote in the Parliament, because they know that they will lose and Minister Ferguson will have to go,” Ms White said.

    “If the Liberals had confidence in Michael Ferguson they would allow a proper debate and vote.

    “Tasmanians have lost confidence in Michael Ferguson, health professionals and patients have lost confidence in Michael Ferguson and it is only a desperate and divided minority Liberal Government which is preventing the Parliament from formally declaring it too has no confidence in Michael Ferguson.

    “Michael Ferguson can’t run from scrutiny forever.”

    Rebecca White MP

    Labor Leader

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