NetLinkz Ltd announces Inaugural Android and IOS Product Launch at AWS Summit Beijing

NetLinkz Ltd (ASX: NET) (‘NetLinkz’) is pleased to announce that iSoftStone has today released, the VSN (Virtual Security Network) its inaugural customer collaboration product from iSoftStone and NetLinkz’s IoT Lab in Beijing.

The VSN is an SD WAN Solution for Android and IOS that will offer the following formats:

– VSN: Cloud SD WAN solution for Data Transmission

– VSN Lite: Full Mesh SDN for Data Transmission

These two products will offer a range of solutions for government, industry and individuals. The VSN will reduce the complexity of Cloud SD WAN, operating devices on the SD WAN Edge and the roll-out of IoT devices on a large scale meshed network.

The VSN will also operate to secure connections between multiple branch locations and will also solve the issue of dealing with Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud data transfers.

The VSN product will now be marketed and supported by Tonelink, iSoftStone’s specialist Internet and Cloud distribution business servicing all of China.

“I am very pleased to be in Beijing at the AWS Summit to release with iSoftStone our first Android and IOS enabled products from our IOT Lab. I wish to acknowledge the successful collaboration of the iSoftStone team and software engineers in creating a world class product.”

James Tsiolis Executive Chairman and CEO of Netlinkz

About iSoftStone

iSoftStone is China’s leading software and cloud based technology developer with a national footprint and over 55,000 employees, 1,000+ local and Global Corporate Customers including 90+ Fortune 500 Companies. iSoftStone has existing commercial relationships with Industry Leaders such as Huawei, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu.

About NetLinkz Limited

NetLinkz provides secure and efficient cloud network solutions. The company’s technology makes Fortune-500 security commercially available for organizations of all sizes. NetLinkz has received numerous industry awards for its technology, including being a worldwide winner of the Global Security Challenge.


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