New Senate choice is voters’ credible third-party insurance

Australian Conservatives Release

The Conservative Party is seeking to shape the Senate cross-bench that either Scott Morrison or Bill Shorten will need to negotiate with, according to Queensland Senate candidate Lyle Shelton.

“Queenslanders who want to send a message to the major parties have a choice for the first time that goes beyond the erratic and unstable minor parties and extreme Greens who have populated the cross bench in the past,” Mr Shelton said.

“The Conservative Party, led by Senator Cory Bernardi, offers a stable and principled team who will fight for Queensland coal jobs, secure borders and Australian values,” he continued.

“For too long both Labor and the Liberal National Party have been led by the Greens to the point where coal is under threat, electricity prices are through the roof and political correctness has become stifling. It’s time to fight back against job-destroying warming alarmism, red and green tape and the attacks on freedom of speech and freedom of religion,” he said.

“For the past few elections, voters have used their Senate vote to punish the major parties. This time they have a credible conservative choice as third-party insurance in the Senate,” he concluded.

Mr Shelton said the Conservatives would not be running candidates in the lower house, focussing on the Senate where Australia’s future could best be shaped by a genuine conservative party.

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