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Water on ancient Mars
Company fined $500,000 for unlawfully importing of synthetic greenhouse gas
LNP’s $6m Reef tourism support pledge welcome – much more to do on climate, water quality
Scientists will discuss anomalies in Arctic and subarctic
Feast along Parramatta’s famous ‘Eat Street’ and get free parking
Ice loss likely to continue in Antarctica – even if climate change is brought under control, study warns
Sponges as biomonitors of micropollution
Conservationists urge KAP to back laws that protect Great Barrier Reef
Only a few days left to get free parking in Freo
World’s greatest mass extinction triggered switch to warm-bloodedness
Bayside’s social distancing circles
NTU Singapore scientists report that plastic bags could be ‘eco-friendlier’ than paper and cotton bags
Is afforestation in any case climate-friendly?
Thawing permafrost releases organic compounds into air
Families to get active on way to school as restrictions lift
Ice melt projections may underestimate Antarctic contribution to sea level rise
Future ocean conditions could cause significant changes in marine mussels
Climate-friendly cooling to help ease global warming
Steam cleaning Port of Tacoma to eradicate invasive snail
Every 8.4 days on average, a non-indigenous species is detected in aquatic ecosystems
UNE Office of Communications produces documentary on climate change in Gulf of Maine
Milestone in UNESCO’s development of a global recommendation on Open Science
Nights warming faster than days across much of planet
Govt’s funds for environment and tourism a drop in ocean
Researchers gain new insights on river dynamics, which suggest that rivers may begin jumping course much farther
Yes, we’re worried
Tree rings show scale of Arctic pollution is worse than previously thought
Viruses could become harder to kill
Council reminds owners to maintain vacant blocks 22 September
Undersea Earthquakes Shake Up Climate Science
TSU exercise system will help those who study or work while sitting
New estimates for rise in sea levels due to ice sheet mass loss under future climate change
Reimagining Growth in India’s Climate Decade
Chalmers steps up climate work
Climate explained: will tropics eventually become uninhabitable?
Changes in Tuva ecosystems do not fit global trends
Sports science research debunks stretching myth
Heated rivalries for pollinators among arctic plants
Efficient cooling in a warming world
Reliability of El Niño simulation matters for predicting future climate
BHP climate change briefing
Trees living fast die young
Wildflower bonanza for Pilliga
New tool for identifying endangered corals could help conservation efforts
Sea level rise matches worst-case scenario
IAEA Data Animation: Game-Changing Power of Nuclear Energy to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Understanding past warming can limit climate change effects
WhiteWater World gets ready to splash into action