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Lessons from Miocene for Today’s World: Ancient Forests, Seaways, and Climate
Researchers Develop Numerical Algorithm to Study Continuous Ice-breaking
Direct Evidence Shows Fast Lignin Cycling, High Temperature Sensitivity
South Korea Disappoints by Backsliding on Heavy Industry Emissions Target
Stones for climate
Greenland Ice Sheet Nearing Point of No Return
Research Shows Small Methane Releases in Deep-Sea Sediments More Frequent Than Expected
Global Museum Colls Used to Aid Decision Makers: Integration Plan
Global Climate Action: Examining Economic Impacts
Northern Hemisphere Climate Modeling Improved
UN Climate Chief: IPCC’s Synthesis Report is Crucial
State-of-Art Climate Models Simulate Global Drought, Room for Improvement
IPCC report shows 2023 is ‘now or never’ climate election
Nighttime Overweights Daytime Warming in Alpine Tree Growth
Mangrove Blue Carbon Affected by Rising CO2
Antarctic Seabirds Struggle to Breed Amid Snowstorms
IPCC Approves Final Part of Sixth Assessment Report
Arctic climate modelling too conservative
Arctic Climate Models Underestimate Change
Research Finds Risk of Simultaneous Global Climate Extremes
External Forcing Drives Southern Atlantic and Indian Ocean Co-variability
Sustainable Feed Critical to Meeting Global Climate Targets
Satellites Track Earth’s ‘Greening’ Amid Climate Change
Dynamic Carbon-Nitrogen Linkage Under Global Change
Fewer Bumblebees if Early Take-Offs Continue: Pollination at Risk
Fifth of Sierra Nevada Conifers Stranded in Unsuitable Habitats
Warming, Nutrient Loads Affect Lake Restoration Stability
Scientists solving micro jellyfish mystery
Help Shape Climate Action: Submit Your Ideas to Global Stocktake
Seed Banks Inadequate To Fight Climate Change Impacts on Biodiversity
New Study: Seed Banks Harming Biodiversity
Lake Ice Impact on Dissolved Organic Matter Transformation
Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: Groundwater Boosting Permafrost Loss
Ozone Loss Triggers Antarctic Winter Warming
Explore Nature, History & Winter Sports on CA Plains During Spring Break
Statement about RV Investigator 13 February
Oak Refugia in China Since Last Glacial Maximum
Climate crisis could pave way for global termite infestation
Clouds Buying Time for Climate-Threatened Reefs: UBC Study
Pay for Carbon Footprint: Basic Emissions Shouldn’t be Free
UKY Project Monitors Methane from Orphan Wells
Sea-level rise drove SEA early settlers to migrate: Study
Penczykowski wins NSF CAREER award
Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Revegetation Enhances Permafrost Stability
New Strategy to Get Nutrients in Low O2 Environments
Greenhouse Warming Boosts Extreme Pacific El Niño Frequency Since 1980
Robot Flies with Wind, Light Power
New Ocean Data System Developed by Chinese Academy of Sciences