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Discovery of ‘ghost’ fossils reveals plankton resilience to past global warming events
IAP Releases Datasets of Frequent Marine Heatwaves in Most Ocean Regions during Last Two Decades
‘Moth motorways’ could help resist climate change impact
Effects of melting glaciers on food production in South Asia
Climate crisis is driving cousins of Lion King character to local extinction
Graphene-wrapped zeolite membranes for fast hydrogen separation
Meteorological mechanisms behind severe drought in southwestern China during spring 2021 differ from similar historical events
Observing microplastic cycle
Deep ocean warming as climate changes
Launch of nationwide CO2 removal research program CDRterra at LMU
Fisheries buyout from climate change indictment on federal government
Warming of oceans due to climate change will mean fewer productive fish species
Fact Sheet Climate Change and Demography
Climate Change and Demography
Freshwater ecosystems under threat in warming Aotearoa
Greens’ bold environmental policy is what our oceans need
Report: Scales tipping against walleye; time to get hooked on new fish
Scientists solve problem of industrial waste from sugarcane processing in India
Latest climate models tend to overestimate future Afro-Asian monsoon rainfall and runoff
World getting ‘measurably closer’ to 1.5-degree threshold
Vegetation Biomass Affects Soil Microbial Distribution and Assembly in Alpine Permafrost Regions
Forest as shelter for insects in warmer climates?
What ancient pollens tells us about future climate change
Extreme winds, topography and vegetation influenced Oregon’s devastating 2020 megafires
Australian photographers dazzle at Wildlife Photographer of Year
Budget 22 investing in biosecurity for future economic security
Risk of lower groundwater levels in northern Sweden with warmer climate
Waitui Road works set to resume
Changing climate impacts biodiversity in protected areas globally
Global warming accelerates water cycle, with relevant climatic consequences
New Collaborations between Tel Aviv University and Leading Turkish Universities
Can planting tree tackle climate change?
Future of food from warming sea
Catalyst for development of carbon-neutral technology of radiation accelerator
Game Changers On Climate
Research illustrates nuances of gravitational pull of ice sheets
Expect to see more squid and less sockeye salmon on “climate changed” menus
Researchers Estimate Trends and Variability of Snowmelt in China
New Jersey’s Temperatures Rise by 4 Degrees Fahrenheit, Twice Global Average Since 1900
No glacial fertilization effect in Antarctic Ocean
Labor joins Liberals to aid enemy on climate
How Does Shrub Encroachment Affect Land Surface Temperature in Temperate Semi-arid Areas of Northern Hemisphere
Plant scientist gets grant to study how climate change will affect forage crops
Factors including extreme winds, topography and vegetation influenced severity of burns from Oregon’s devastating 2020 megafires
Extreme Enhancement of Carbon Hydrogasification via Mechanochemistry
Electrification best and fastest way to prevent global warming catastrophe
Groundwater level threatens to fall in Germany due to climate change
Climate Change Will Reshuffle Marine Ecosystems in Unexpected ways, Rutgers Study Finds