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IMF Executive Board Discusses Strategy to Help Members Address Climate Change-Related Policy Challenges
Environment for permafrost in Daisetsu Mountains in Japan is projected to decrease significantly
Climate change: Shattering temperature ceiling
MR Queensland Government Climate Action Plan – welcome news for our Reef
Aerosols add new wrinkle to climate change in tropical Pacific Ocean
Past abrupt climate changes provide ‘early warning signals’ of cascading tipping points
Funding for scientists
Regional Collaboration Fosters Climate Ambition
COP26 President-Designate welcomes agreement from G20 to limit warming to 1.5C but urges further action on coal phase out
Impact of climate change on Kenya’s Tana river basin
Truth casualty of politics as UNESCO Great Barrier Reef decision flouts reality
How sudden stratospheric warming affected Northern Hemisphere
Sandia designs better batteries for grid-scale energy storage
Laser improves time resolution of CryoEM
Remarks by President Biden and His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein, King of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Perverse cycle of warming climate and rise of air conditioners
Scientists Release 1-km Resolution Soil Organic Carbon Dataset for Frozen Ground in Third Pole
US corn and soybean maladapted to climate variations, study shows
Epigenetic Mechanism Helps Plants to Live under High Temperatures
Wolf pups born on Isle Royale, moose poised for decline
Chalmers researchers heading to Arctic Ocean
Study Reveals How ENSO’s Impact on Asian-Western Pacific Climate Would Change under Global Warming
User journey behind socially electric live event experience
Cosy up with sweet treats and a staycation this winter
Local Food Infrastructure Fund projects in Montreal area
Coastal wetlands are nature’s flood defences
Reforestation may help mitigate droughts
Third Pole Faces Major Changes in Water Flows
Arctic seabirds are less heat tolerant, more vulnerable to climate change
Comparing environmental impacts of reusable vs. single-use kitchenware
UN chief praises work of emergency responders in wake of deadly landslide
Male dragonflies lose their ‘bling’ in hotter climates
Climate scientists making shift to new “normal”
UMaine-led study: Imaging spectroscopy can predict water stress in wild blueberry fields
Earth’s cryosphere shrinking by 87,000 square kilometers per year
New study suggests it gives predatory sharks and fish a crucial speed advantage
IPCC confirms release date and approval session details for next report
Natural ways to avoid heat
Detroit-area flooding consistent with long-term precipitation trends under changing climate
Trillion dollar climate finance challenge
Man whose heart stopped for three hours makes full recovery
Cyclone study improves climate projections
Bird migration takes plants in wrong direction to cope with climate change
A warming climate and intensifying land use increase mercury content in fish
Illuminating mechanism behind how plants regulate starch synthesis
Climate Change May Lead to More Landfalling Tropical Cyclones in China
Nation’s most liveable city parties in East End
Marine heatwaves, zombie kina, and why MPAs need careful thought