Nsw teachers Federation in central west this week

18 March, 2019

NSW Teachers Federation senior vice president Henry Rajendra is visiting the Central West this week with a simple message – the Morrison government must reverse the $14 billion it has cut from funding for public schools like those in the Central West of NSW.

On Monday 18 March, Mr Rajendra will join the van tour and visit Bathurst to deliver a strong message about the clear choice for electing a government that puts their local public schools such as Carenne School for Specific Purposes (SSP) at 11 amand Orange High School at 1pmfirst. After school Mr Rajendra will meet with teachers from the Orange Teachers Association at 6pm near Robertson Park in Orange.

On Tuesday 19 MarchMr Rajendra will join the van tour visiting Bathurst Public School at 11amand Portland Central School at 1.20pmand then at 4pm, join with teachers from the Kandos Teachers Association at the Henbury Golf Club Kandos for a meeting.

On Wednesday 20 MarchMr Rajendra will join the van and visit Rylstone Public School at 8amand Spring Hill Public School at 12pm.

New figures have revealed that the Morrison government’s school funding legislation will actually leave 99 per cent of public schools below the Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) by 2023. In fact, less than half of all public schools will even reach 95 per cent of the SRS by this date. By contrast, nearly 99 per cent of private schools in Australia will be funded at, or in excess of, the Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) by 2023.

However, if Labor forms government at the next federal election these central west school would receive additional funding over the first three years as follows; Carenne SSP an additional $390,000; Orange High School an additional $1,310,000,Bathurst Public School$610,000; Portland Central School $220,000; Rylstone Public School $110,000; and Spring Hill Public School $60,000additional funding over the first three years

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison has made it clear that public schools are not a priority for his government,” Mr Rajendra said.

“Labor’s federal election commitment to invest $14.1 billion in our public schools is vitally important for local school communities. Bill Shorten’s $3.3 billion commitment for public school funding in the first three years is a very welcome game-changer for public schools,” Mr Rajendra said.

“The Greens’ commitment to 100 per cent SRS funding for public schools is highly commendable and welcomed by the AEU.”

“The Federal Coalition’s 2017 school funding legislation is directly responsible for leaving our public schools under-resourced. Our 2.5 million public school students can’t wait – their schools need that funding now and we will be talking to parents and community members across the country about the importance of electing a government that puts public schools first,” Mr Rajendra said.

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