Officer CFA responds to call to change face of men’s health

Only two days left of the hairiest month of the year and Officer CFA have grown their participation in the annual Movember challenge.

Officer CFA responds to call to change the face of men's health

Eight members of the brigade committed to changing the stigma around men’s health – who have raised over $2,000 hoping so far towards the cause through growing the iconic moustaches and also “Moving for Movember”.

This is their first year taking part as a brigade and brigade member, Chris Morgan and believes CFA’s participation can help change our attitudes around what are considered big scary men’s health issues.

“This is a great foundation and it speaks to a lot of our members. We all know someone who has been affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide.” Said Chris.

“The power of our brigade and other first responders taking part and raising awareness is amazing.

“We are leaders within our communities and we can make a huge impact when it comes to bringing these key men’s health issues to everyone’s attention.”

Movember now has a First Responders Challenge, with a number of CFA brigades participating.

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