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IU School of Medicine scientists discover ‘game-changer’ treatment for triple negative breast cancer
CoVaxxy tool visualizes relationship between online misinformation and COVID-19 vaccine adoption
$37.6M grant awarded to develop innovative COVID-19 treatment
$2.9 million NIH grant will help IU researcher expand work on subconcussive impacts
Breath test to detect COVID-19 in development by IUPUI researchers
Unprecedented study details state of cybersecurity preparedness in Indiana
Checking in with mates this Movember
Cricket Australia confirms official charity partners for 2020-21 summer of cricket
Kelley School researcher to advance secure, energy-efficient technology in manufacturing
Minister for Equalities delivers International Men’s Day speech
Gisborne’s Motivation for Movember
Movember challenge – Boon Squad
Senior food insecurity connected to isolation, program barriers in rural areas
Diagnostic Imaging May Increase Risk of Testicular Cancer
IUPUI scientist awarded over $1.8M from NIH to advance research on diabetes
5 mistakes people make when sharing COVID-19 data visualizations on Twitter
Covid-19 won’t mask support for men’s health
Australian Cricket set for most important Movember yet
Penn Medicine Researchers Receive $5.4 million Grant to Find Genetic Drivers of Testicular Cancer
CFA proudly supports Movember 2020
Study reports chemical mechanism that boosts enzyme commonly observed in cancer
New model of human brain ‘conversations’ could inform research on brain disease, cognition
Blue-light glasses improve sleep and work productivity, IU research shows
Black police officers disciplined disproportionately for misconduct, IU research finds
Individual suicide risk can be dramatically altered by social ‘sameness,’ study finds
With online election manipulation threatening democracy, IU offers tools to combat disinformation
Volunteers receiving government aid while unemployed face scrutiny, bias from public
IUPUI scientists determine death rate for COVID-19 among general population
Households of color more likely to have utilities disconnected, not receive stimulus checks
Majority of women sext, many use dating apps to find partners, global study finds
Bioengineer awarded $2.3 million to improve autoimmune disease diagnosis, treatment
Monkey poop could hold key to understanding threats to wildlife from chemical pollutants
Paper ballots, risk-limiting audits can help defend elections and democracy, IU study finds
EPA awards $1.6M for IU research on synthetic chemical exposure in rural drinking water
More clues discovered to male fertility and testicular cancer causes
Male fertility and testicular cancer linked to cell communication pathway
Airing commercials after political ads actually helps sell nonpolitical products
Young adults’ risks from first-time opioid prescriptions may not be as high as previously thought
Brightest-known fluorescent materials have academic, commercial potential
Standardized Care May Help Equalize Health Outcomes Among Patients with Testicular Cancer
Reactions to unsolicited sexting images differ by gender, Kinsey Institute study finds
Non-COVID-19 health care visits declined dramatically as pandemic hit
Partnerships with bankrupt companies could be double-edged sword for investors
Racial and LGBT bias persists in ridesharing platforms despite mitigation efforts, IU research finds
Infertility and testicular cancer linked to protein in pregnancy
Chatbots can ease medical providers’ burden, offer trusted guidance to those with COVID-19 symptoms
Private well water increases risk of lead exposure in kids, study finds
Big Red 200 powers new secure network for national defense innovation