Police reward vegan snowflake anarchists’ illegal behaviour

Australian Conservatives Release

Anarchists who illegally invaded a family-owned meat processing business at Yangan near Warwick should face the full force of the law, according to Australian Conservatives Queensland Senate candidate Lyle Shelton.

Mr Shelton, who infiltrated the anarchists’ convoy from Brisbane in the early hours of the morning said the police should not have allowed the law-breakers to address the media.

Anarchists chained themselves to equipment inside Carey Brothers meatworks, preventing workers from starting their shift.

“This lawlessness is a threat to farmers, rural business people and their workers. It has got to stop,” Mr Shelton said.

“I’m critical of the police who, instead of arresting the trespassers, rewarded their illegal behaviour by allowing them to address the media. This was a propaganda coup for the anarchists. They should have been taken away in a paddy wagon,” Mr Shelton said.

“You should not be allowed to illegally invade someone’s business and then emerge as a hero to the waiting media.”

Emotive footage displayed by the anarchists’ supporters outside Carey Brothers did not prove that the Queensland meat processing sector has an animal cruelty problem.

“Abattoirs are of course not pretty places but as long as animals are slaughtered humanely in accordance with the law, business owners should be allowed to get on with their work without fear of invasion. Sadly we have a snowflake generation who don’t understand the realities of farming or meat processing,” Mr Shelton continued.

“These vegan anarchists’ real agenda is to eliminate meat eating by the rest of us by doing whatever it takes. They also want to shut down livestock production because they believe it causes climate change. To achieve their political ends they are demonising some of Australia’s finest people who work hard to feed and clothe those of us who live in the cities,” he said.

Mr Shelton said he thought of the vegans as he enjoyed a bacon, egg and cheese muffin at Aratula on the way back to Brisbane this morning.

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