Ramadan: A family share their pictures from Al Hol Camp, North East Syria

Hamza*, 13 has been living in small tent in Al Hol camp with his three siblings and parents ever since they had to flee their home in Deir ez-Zor two years ago. Hamza recently shared daily snapshots of their life and told Save the Children how his family is trying to maintain a daily routine.

“Now at home my siblings and I are learning and competing in calligraphy, writing, reading, and who finishes reciting the Quran first,” Hamza said.

There have been at least six cases of COVID-19 in North East Syria that resulted in at least two deaths to date. Children have been severely impacted because their schools have shut down and they are unable to play as they used to.

Hamza told Save the Children how his access to education had already been disrupted multiple times because of the conflict.

“What changed since coronavirus is that we are afraid of this disease and want to protect ourselves by cleaning and staying inside our homes. The schools and the markets have been closed. We can’t even go outside,” he said.

Families are hoping their fears about COVID-19 will soon come to an end so that restrictions are lifted, and they can return to classes.

“I want to learn here and to become a teacher when I grow up. I want teaching to be my future,” Hamza said.

Photos are available here.

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