REAWAKENED: VIPs Join Stanley Tucci at Exclusive Johnnie Walker Event in Central London

Yesterday, VIP guests joined renowned actor, writer, director and producer

Stanley Tucci as Johnnie Walker celebrated the unveiling of Johnnie Walker Blue

Label Ghost and Rare Port Ellen with an exclusive ‘REAWAKENED’ event in

London’s beautiful Welsh Chapel; shining a light on the rarity, depth of

character, and rolling waves of flavour found in some of Scotland’s rarest



At the event, Tucci entertained the audience with an unforgettable performance

of ‘Borealis on the Bay’, an ode created for the occasion by Scottish poet Jon

Plunkett that pays homage to the history and spirit of Kilnaughton Bay, the

home of Port Ellen, the world famous ‘ghost’ distillery which shut its doors in

1983, and the hero of this latest release in the Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Ghost and Rare series.

Stanley Tucci said: “It’s been a wonderful experience for me to be part of the

launch of the new Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare release today. I’m

thrilled to have been able to explore the story of Port Ellen and combine my

passion for language and performance with my love of whisky.”

On arrival, guests at ‘REAWAKENED’ were invited to go on a sensory journey of

discovery to explore the hidden depths of the Scottish Highlands and

Kilnaughton Bay before enjoying a menu created by acclaimed chef Mark Moriarty;

each course exploring the layers of flavour found in Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Ghost and Rare Port Ellen

Johnnie Walker Master Blender Jim Beveridge then led an exclusive tasting of

the new limited edition release – crafted from eight treasured whiskies drawn

from the four corners of Scotland, including five incredibly rare single malts

and three irreplaceable whiskies from now-closed ‘ghost’ distilleries, with the

highly sought-after Port Ellen single malt at its heart.

Every attendee took home their own piece of rare craft in the form of a

personalised ode – written on the night – as well as a copy of ‘Borealis on the

Bay’ and their own taste of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Ellen.

VIP GUESTS INCLUDED: Stanley Tucci, Jeremy Irvine, Jade Parfitt, Sam Rollinson,

Damson Idris, Heida Reed, Matt Richardson, Nick Hendrix, Charlotte Wiggins,

Betty Bachz, Jessica Ellerby, Nell Hudson, Filippo Cirulli, Filippo Fiora,

Vicky Lee, Florrie Thomas, Anna Vitiello, Danielle Copperman, Harvey James, Sam

Ritzenberg, Leo Thompson, Margaret Clunie.

THEY ENJOYED: An exclusive tasting of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare

Port Ellen

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Old Fashioned: Johnnie Walker Blue Label, honey,

Angostura bitters, lemon peel

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky Sour: Johnnie Walker Blue Label, lemon juice,

sugar syrup, egg white

A bespoke menu including: Celeriac baked in malted barley, toasted hazelnut,

brown butter and truffle beurre nantais / Hay smoked scotch beef short rib,

seaweed mustard and artichoke / Brown butter pudding, citrus and whisky caramel

and salted milk sorbet.

/Public Release.