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Is it topological? new materials database has answer
Making most of crowdsourcing campaigns
Excessive degradation of mitochondria found to be tipping point from normal
Paleontologists have discovered jaws of rare bear in Taurida Cave
Epilepsy drug stops nervous system tumor growth
50-year project reveals new insights about evolution and influence of Voltaire’s thought
Discovery of high-speed moving plasma turbulence for first time in world
Möbius band constructed solely by carbon atoms
Unlocking secrets of killer whale diets and their role in climate change
Glow Winter Arts Festival Returns to Light Up Stonnington
Property Council Launches Student Accommodation Council
New research may explain unexpected effects of common painkillers
Navigating From Genome to Clinic Using ‘Cell Maps’
How plants colonize base of an active stratovolcano
Two-step adaptive walk in wild
Next-generation weather models cross divide to real-world impact
Synthesis of two-dimensional holey graphyne
Attend ‘AI and Machine Learning in Biomedical Research’ on May 24
Researchers identify tumor-based methylation patterns as cancer biomarkers
National Highways helps bring ‘Capability Brown’ pool back to its former glory
Rewriting Classics
Shaping sound in architectural spaces
‘5 to over 50 days’ significant improvement in 10㎚ thick artificial cell membrane stability
Seafloor animal cued to settle, transformed by bacterial compound
Gunnedah in for barrel of laughs at Melbourne Comedy Festival
Mexico: 100,000 missing persons highlights need to strengthen existing search mechanisms
Unglitching system: Advancement in predicting software vulnerabilities
Virtual news briefings and research highlights, APS 2022 Convention
Burnet Institute partners with Moderna to develop novel mRNA vaccines
Researchers nail down ‘destination’ for protein that delivers zinc
Study links Protein to intellectual disability has complex role
Research reveals postbiotic urolithin improves muscle strength and exercise performance in middle aged adults
Spectacular ceiling frescoes discovered in Temple of Khnum at Esna
New evidence on how adults’ large bone injuries repair
For large bone injuries, it’s Sonic hedgehog to rescue
AstraZeneca signs licence agreement with RQ Biotechnology for monoclonal antibodies against Covid
Jaws hold crucial insights into fate and future of tiger sharks
Volunteer Profile – Russell Halverson
New theory promises to reshape how we think about polymer superstructures
Researching pseudogap in superconducting cuprate materials
‘Homo sapiens is too arrogant: call us Homo faber, toolmaker’
Striking new snake species discovered in Paraguay
Extraterrestrial stone brings first supernova clues to Earth
World-first 3D insights into malaria parasites strengthen drug discovery pipeline
New micro device injects boost to IVF success
Proclamation on National Defense Transportation Day And National Transportation Week, 2022
Diermeier urges Class of 2022 to go forward with courage, ‘dare to grow’
First Black Hole Image From Milky Way Is Here