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Researchers identify cellular defect common to familial and sporadic forms of ALS
Researchers confirm presence of African leopard in southwestern Cameroon
Coventry sex offender handed immediate prison term
Research Snapshot: Discovery points to ketamine’s long-term antidepressant effects
Scientists use tiny bubbles to help treat common childhood cancer
Vaxzevria showed no increased incidence of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia after second dose
Ensuring locals have their say on quarry development
Narrandera Destination & Discovery Hub on public exhibition
Change of plans sees Highway Guardian emerge and lifelong friendship forged
Scientists reflect on diabetes research 100 years after discovery of insulin
Keeping copper atoms closer to keep bacteria away
First papers publish in Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering – IOP Publishing’s new open access journal
WVXU: Covid cases rising due to Delta variant
Canada invests to help build competitive tourism environment and boost economic recovery efforts
AstraZeneca and Regeneron to research, develop and commercialise new small molecule medicines for obesity
CTxONE rebrands as Oncology One
Researchers Unlock Genomic Secrets of Gutless Deep-sea Tubeworm
Delegate Bin Enclosure reopening
From wool classer to firefighter – perfect career change
What happens to marine life when oxygen is scarce?
Through thin-film glass, researchers spot new liquid phase
ATLAS reports first observation of WWW production
How ethane-consuming archaea pick up their favorite dish
Lancaster takes step forward in opening research to all
2020 Impact Report
Comprehensive clinical sequencing opens door to promise of precision medicine
Planetary Remnants around White Dwarf Stars
Device cracks milk protein
Exploring Silk’s Full Potential
Brain-repair discovery could lead to new epilepsy treatments
Newly hatched pterosaurs may have been able to fly
Scientists unravel mechanism of genome instability by DNA Pol μ misincorporatio
Frequency of incorrectly attributed paternity is lower than previously thought
Body of missing man located at Narrabri
Appeal for assistance with dumping investigation
Southeastern US herbaria digitize three million specimens, now freely available online
HKUL – 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in America Exhibition
Native wildlife successfully reclaims territory from introduced rodents in Sydney
Advanced bladder cancers respond to immunotherapy regardless of gene mutation status
Clever cockatoos in southern Sydney have learned to open curb-side bins – and it has global significance
Discovery of Unknown Brain-Repair Process Could Lead to New Epilepsy Treatments
African dust transport across North Atlantic
Hunting for TB’s most vulnerable genes
Characterized drugs show unexpected effects
How lysosomes become hub for propagation of pathology
Newly-hatched pterosaurs may have been able to fly
Cardio-cerebrovascular disease history complicates hematopoietic cell transplant outcomes
Research reports strong indications of freshened groundwater offshore Maltese Islands