Report reveals diet isn't enough to lose weight

A recent report released on Obesity has revealed that focusing on food isn’t enough to lose weight and keep it off. It said ‘programs need to address the lack of education and resources on food and nutrition, provide regular motivators, plus tracking systems and social support that can help with the common feelings of shame and unrealistic expectations.’

It’s a timely reminder after yesterday’s World Obesity Day marked the announcement of a World Guinness Book of Records attempt: how much weight can a country lose in 10 days. Inspired by scientists and medical researchers from Australia, the bold ‘NObesity’ campaign was launched to help combat the rising health and economic issues linked with the disease.

Obesity, strongly linked to diabetes, heart disease and cancer now affects two thirds of Australian adults and one quarter of children and adolescents. The campaign hopes to recruit 250,000 Australians to help raise awareness and participation in both the reversal and prevention of the disease.

“The record we’re going to attempt is how much weight can a nation lose in 10 Days. It’s a record that has never been attempted” says Health Scientist, Matt Riemann. “Especially by a whole country.”

But Riemann says that it must be done in a healthy way. “The focus is on healthy weight loss for each unique individual. No crash dieting, or unhealthy fasting. Each participant’s body has to come out the other end in its optimal state. And the way to get there is different for everyone.”

The nation wide challenge will utilise Shae™ technology to assist with this, a virtual health assistant that is already being used in over 120 countries that calculates the optimal foods, activity and lifestyle choices based on your health type.

There will also be a strong focus on educational programs, supportive resources and a host of integrated health apps tailored for each participant. Plus live support on standby from a virtual panel of qualified doctors and health professionals for the 10 day period.

Dr Cam McDonald from University of Queensland confirms that a personalised approach is a healthy way to achieve effective weight loss. “For some it’s food, for some it’s exercise, for some it’s more sleep, less stress, or being more mindful in daily choices. New apps and technologies like Shae can now help you decide your priorities, and help you do it.”

Today, 14 million Australians are considered overweight. By 2025, the economic burden will cost Australians more than 87 billion dollars. So the question Riemann and his colleagues are posing to all Australians is “What have you got to lose?”

The “What Have You Got To Lose?” campaign started October 11th. The Australian “NObesity” Challenge starts January 6th, 2019 (Guiness World Record attempt).

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