Safeguarding resources our community needs

Video Transcript

The Victorian Government is seeking feedback on proposed planning provisions to protect access to the quarry resources the state to build new homes and infrastructure in coming years.

Our population is growing, driving demand for large amounts of building raw materials. Much of the state’s yet to be extracted rock and sand lies close to Melbourne, meaning it could be built over or access to it limited by new housing and development.

Access to future quarry materials is being compromised by new construction on the fringes of Melbourne and some rural areas, which is actually creating the demand for those resources.

In 2018, the Victorian Government launched its first Extractives Resources Strategy, Helping Victoria Grow, to ensure the construction industry can continue to access the raw materials it needs to improve and grow our cities, suburbs and towns.

If rock, sand and gravel cannot be accessed near to building projects, infrastructure and housing costs greatly increase for the community and construction sector.

The Strategic Extractive Resource Areas pilot project aims to help get the right balance so communities can develop but important sand, rock and gravel is not built over or too near to.

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