Sarah Courtney silent on Tasmania’s health crisis at COAG

Tasmanian Labor
  • Courtney fails to raise serious issues at Health COAG
    last week
  • Other states and territories take lead, while
    Liberals leave Tasmania voiceless
  • Tasmania deserves better after horror week for
    Tasmania’s hospitals and health system
  • The communique from last week’s Council of Australian Government Health Council meeting reveals a lot about the Liberals’ plans to fix Tasmania’s broken hospitals and health system.

    agenda items were listed by Sarah Courtney and there was nothing mentioned
    about possible solutions to the critical issues affecting Tasmania.

    Health Minister Sarah Lovell said going to Perth with nothing to say was an
    admission of failure from the Liberals.

    week we heard that 1,800 Tasmanians waited more than 24 hours for a bed at the
    Royal Hobart Hospital in the last financial year,” Ms Lovell said.

    know there’s almost 10,000 people stuck on the waiting list for vital

    with our health system in such chaos and people dying needlessly in our
    hospitals, Sarah Courtney met with Health Ministers from across the country and
    had nothing to say.

    was her first opportunity as Health Minister to raise critical issues being
    faced by Tasmanians on a national level and she failed to do so.

    are no outcomes from the meeting aimed at helping Tasmanian doctors, nurses and
    health professionals who are working way beyond capacity.

    are no solutions for the thousands of Tasmanians waiting for surgery and their
    families, and nothing to say to ensure that waiting times in our emergency
    departments go down.

    is clear this Government and this Health Minister have no vision for Tasmania’s
    health system, and no plan to deliver.

    Courtney has been a real disappointment as Health Minister since she took the
    job from Michael Ferguson but this is possibly her greatest failure to date.”

    Sarah Lovell

    Shadow Health Minister

    /Public Release. View in full here.