Sarah’s Rule Needs to Be National

Safer Australian Roads and Highways

“On 15th February 2012 our beautiful 23 year old daughter Sarah Frazer, along with an NRMA tow truck driver who had come to her aid, were killed in a totally avoidable crash on the Hume Freeway south of Mittagong, New South Wales.” SARAH President Peter Frazer said.

“No one slowed down to give these vulnerable road users the space they needed to be safe… I know this because Sarah had earlier left me a voicemail saying cars and trucks were passing her at high speed just centimetres from her vehicle… Sarah shouldn’t have had to fear for her life and neither should those who protect and assist our community.”
On 15 May 2012, just three months to the day since Sarah was killed, we would deliver a 23,000 signature Petition to Acting Premier Stoner that asked for two simple things:
i) build and maintain our roads to the already agreed Austroads standards; and
ii) introduce a “Slow Down Move Over” road rule to protect all those who work in uncontrolled and dangerous situations on our roads and highways.
“In April last year the Government of Western Australia brought in a comprehensive Slow Down Move Over law that acts to protect, not only WA’s police and emergency services, but roadside assistance personnel and tow truck drivers. I am very pleased that tomorrow the NSW Government’s Sarah’s Rule will become law. Its sole purpose is to protect all those whose jobs place them in uncontrolled dangerous situations on our roads.”
“Its time for all States and Territories to join the Governments of NSW and WA to protect those whose job places them in harm’s way… But we need to go further than that… We need a single national road rule that recognises that all lives are precious, not just those whose vehicles have flashing red and blue lights. And with regard to the slow down speed/s, let’s agree to base this on the research and best practice policy.”
“I ask every Minister to consider this request and discuss it at the next Transport Infrastructure Council. In the meantime, SARAH asks every Australian to do one simple thing to protect those on the road ahead…”
“When you see flashing lights, commit to “Drive So Others Survive”… Slow down and give those who are vulnerable the space they need.”
“Everyone has a right to get home safe to their loved ones… everyday… no exceptions.”
Media Interviews: Peter Frazer, Safer Australian Roads and Highways – 0466 968 700
Peter Frazer’s Original Speech (15 May 2012 Speech at Presentation of 23,000 signature Petition to A/Premier Stoner) is available here.
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