Savage cuts, more raids, future on credit card as Gutwein guts Tasmania

Tasmanian Labor

· Net Debt to go beyond $1 billion

· $450 million worth of cuts

· Raid on TT line and other GBEs

· Key promised election infrastructure projects pushed out

The Hodgman Government and Treasurer Peter Gutwein will plunge Tasmanian into more than $1 billion in net debt, attack essential services like health and education with $450 million in new cuts and raid TT Line to prop up their fiscal incompetence.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said today’s State Budget laid bare the fact that Premier Hodgman and Mr Gutwein have squandered their self-proclaimed “golden age” – overspending on election promises – and Tasmanians were now set to pay the price.

“Peter Gutwein has broken a massive promise to Tasmanians by taking the state into net debt of more than $1 billion,” Mr Bacon said.

“That irresponsible dive into debt will see Tasmanian taxpayers foot the bill for millions of dollars worth of interest every year.

“After already slashing and cutting health, education and other services over their half a decade in government, Premier Hodgman and Treasurer Gutwein will now make new and deep cuts of $450 million to the public sector.

“The Liberal Government will stage a multi-million dollar raid on the TT Line, demanding a dividend to help mask their budget vandalism.

“Critical infrastructure projects promised by the government at the election – including major school upgrades, major tourism infrastructure projects and the Hobart Airport roundabout – have now been pushed out beyond promised timelines.

“The budget papers show the Royal Hobart Hospital redevelopment, which is expected to be finished this August, will not be staffed or take patients for another year.

“This is a white-knuckle budget that is even worse than feared and Tasmanians have been deceived by this Treasurer and this government.

“It is an irresponsible budget by a Liberal government which has let down Tasmanian families, Tasmanian workers and Tasmanian businesses who must now shoulder the responsibility for an almost incomprehensible level of debt courtesy of a Treasurer who has put the state’s future on a credit card.”

Scott Bacon MP

Shadow Treasurer

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