Searching for Optimism

Searching for Optimism in Shepparton

Victoria’s former Commissioner to the Americas and Senior advisor to Australia’s G20 Presidency, Victor Perton, is searching for optimists in Shepparton and the region.

“There are too many people in a fog of pessimism,” Mr Perton said today.

Building on years of speaking sessions and interviews around the world, Mr. Perton will deliver two workshops on “The Optimistic Leader: How to find your optimism and spread it to those you care about” in Shepparton on Wednesday and Thursday this week ( July 17 and 18) at the Shepparton Senior Citizens and the Shepparton’s Nelson Mandela Youth Summit respectively.

Mr. Perton said he is “bewildered by the negativity of Australians towards its leadership”. He said this negativity is in line with the findings of the global PR agency Edelman that Australia itself is the only country that doesn’t understand the qualities of Australian Leadership.

“If egalitarianism, self-effacing humour and no BS plain speaking are the qualities of a good Australian leader, then we know there are millions of people like that! So why the negativity?” Mr. Perton asked.

Mr. Perton said his ‘Eureka moment’ on occurred when he returned to Australia from his Commissioner role and delivered a speech at the Global Integrity Summit in 2017.

“It was then I worked out, there’s not much wrong with our leadership, it’s pretty good. It is just there are too many people in a fog of pessimism,” he said.


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