Setka’s Support Continues to Grow


The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union Victorian Branch strongly condemns any external interference in union matters. Unions are for members, by members, and are not to be used as pawns for political clout.

The current media circus surrounding John Setka and the CFMMEU is an internal issue and should remain as such. His tenure as a union leader should be decided ONLY by members of the CFMMEU, resolved internally and afforded procedural fairness, as per the CFMMEU constitution, as it is the CFMMEU members’ interests John represents.

The stance of the Victorian Branch of the AMWU is that John Setka should remain in his position until such a time as the members of the CFMMEU decide otherwise.

The AMWU, like the CFMMEU, is an inclusive organisation, standing up for the rights of every member and their families on issues such as workplace rights, equal human rights, domestic violence, occupational health and safety and mental health.

The AMWU Victorian Branch wishes to extend our support to John and his family in this time and hopes that they are given the privacy and respect needed to resolve any issues they may be currently facing in their private lives.

Victorian State Secretary, Tony Mavromatis.

On behalf of the AMWU Victorian Branch exec.


The Electrical Trades Union of Australia’s primary concern is for the health and wellbeing of our members and their families. We are an inclusive organisation that campaigns for fair working conditions for our members, including issues of inclusivity, equal rights, domestic violence awareness and Indigenous rights.

We would like to unequivocally condemn the anonymous leak from the CFMMEU National Executive meeting two weeks ago and condemn the media circus of disinformation which has followed it.

We believe that any issues of governance within the CFMMEU should be dealt with in the CFMMEU. Unions are democratic organisations who are answerable only to their members. When you attack the member’s right to choose their leadership, you are attacking the whole organisation and wider union movement.

John Setka has been a tireless leader of the CFMMEU and wider union movement for over 20 years and has always supported his members and advocated tirelessly for their health and wellbeing. We believe John deserves a fair trial, and he and his family deserve the privacy to address their personal issues and work on healing their relationships.

The ETU supports John Setka and his family through this difficult time.

Troy Gray

State Secretary


The Victorian Branch of the RTBU has a long proud history of representing workers in rail and public transport. We have stood shoulder to shoulder demanding fair working conditions and just processes for members in all forums.

Our memories are long, remembering countless cases of managers, politicians, corporations and the ruling elite, seeking to undermine the committed work and efforts of our members and officials. We continue to stand, fighting for fairness of procedure within our industry upholding the right to a fair trial.

In relation to matters reported in the media regarding John Setka, the Victorian Branch of the RTBU believes he should have a right to a fair trial, the right to address personal issues with his family, and condemns the conflation of alleged

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