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Proclamation on National School Choice Week, 2021
Championing America’s First Freedom
Proclamation on Martin Luther King, Jr., Federal Holiday, 2021
Proclamation on Religious Freedom Day, 2021
Institute breaks record in 2020, making laws easy to access
Executive Order on Encouraging Buy American Policies For United States Postal Service
Proclamation on Continuation of Facilitating Positive Adjustment to Competition from Imports of Large Residential Washers
To support democracy abroad, U.S. needs to set its own house
Executive Order on Establishing Wildland Fire Management Policy Committee
Discrimination may increase risk of anxiety disorders regardless of genetics, study finds
Changes to public transport and access in Canberra City from 14
DAF Senior leaders address recent events at Capitol
Executive Order on Amending Executive Order 13959-Addressing Threat from Securities Investments that Finance Communist Chinese
PDO Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Anthony Tata’s Meeting With Moroccan Minister for Administration of National Defense
Defence Secretary Oral Statement Defence’s COVID-19 support
Democracy ‘a constant process’ top UN official tells Security Council
PDO Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Anthony Tata Meetings With Senior Officials in Equatorial Guinea
PDO Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Anthony Tata Meetings With Senior Officials in Mozambique
Proclamation on Honoring United States Capitol Police Officers
Executive Order on Providing an Order of Succession Within Environmental Protection Agency
Memorandum on Providing an Order of Succession Within United States International Development Finance Corporation
Public health alert – new venues in Burwood and Northmead sewage detection
Statement by OSA CEO Elizabeth Rogan on Violent Attack on U.S. Capitol
Conviction of Three Members of Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam
Statement by Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller on Yesterday’s Violence at Capitol
Changes to public transport and access in Canberra City next week
Statement by Acting Secretary Miller on Full Activation of D.C. National Guard
President Trump’s order on Antifa terrorist classification
United States Continues to Recognize Interim President Guaidó and Last Democratically Elected National Assembly
Memorandum on Extension of Memorandum on Visa Sanctions
Proclamation on 850th Anniversary of Martyrdom of Saint Thomas Becket
Executive Order on Expanding Educational Opportunity Through School Choice
Presidential Veto Message to House of Representatives for H.R. 6395
Central African Republic: UN rights office warns of ‘escalating violence’ ahead of Sunday poll
Proclamation to Take Certain Actions Under African Growth and Opportunity Act and for Other Purposes
Memorandum on Attorney General’s Authority to Use Classified Information
UN independent expert asks outgoing US president: Pardon Wikileaks’ Assange
Syria Sanctions Designations on Anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 2254
Canberra gem joins Commonwealth Heritage List
CAR: UN chief condemns escalating violence during election campaign
How Donald Trump has tested ethical limits of presidential pardons
ASIC commences civil penalty proceedings against La Trobe Financial Asset Management Ltd
White House New Bill Announcement 18 December
Change of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Kazakhstan Kathy Leach
Encouraging parties to engage with UN-led political process to achieve a peaceful end to conflict in Syria
Executive Order on Increasing Economic and Geographic Mobility
New Law Passed Will Make Voting in UK General Election Fairer
Minister LeBlanc announces appointments to Independent Advisory Board for Senate Appointments 12 December