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Blanket bans would be unacceptable
When Thomas Jefferson penned “all men are created equal,” he did not mean individual equality
Proclamation on Pledge to America’s Workers Month, 2020
Kirby Institute stands against racism, urgently calls for an end to over-incarceration and Aboriginal deaths
Proclamation on Amendment to Proclamation 10052
Statement on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
On Passage of Georgian Constitutional Reform
Lucius J. Barker, Stanford University political scientist who broke racial barriers in academia, has died
Executive Order on Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues and Combating Recent Criminal Violence
Executive Order on Continuing President’s National Council for American Worker and American Workforce Policy
Executive Order on Modernizing and Reforming Assessment and Hiring of Federal Job Candidates
Selwyn Snell to retire as Chair of Hort Innovation 25 June
Memorandum on Protecting United States Lobster Industry
Executive Order on Strengthening Child Welfare System for America’s Children
Presidential Determination Pursuant to Section 303 of Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended 25 June
Europa Institute organizes online case law dinner on German PSPP-judgment
Law Council President, Pauline Wright, statement on Hon Dyson Heydon, AC, QC
Proclamation Suspending Entry of Aliens Who Present a Risk to U.S. Labor Market Following Coronavirus Outbreak
On Hypocrisy of UN Human Rights Council
Protect cultural icons that speak to our future
Readout from First Lady Melania Trump’s Visit to National Archives of United States with Housing and Urban
Crisis in Venezuela Foreign Office statement,
Statement by President 18 June
Delegation of Certain Functions and Authorities under Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act of 2018
Executive Order on Safe Policing for Safe Communities
Onshore Conventional Gas Restart A Green Light For Jobs
United States Condemns Maduro’s Latest Step to Rig Next Venezuelan Election
U.S. President Trump’s Remarks at 2020 United States Military Academy at West Point Graduation Ceremony
Secretary Pompeo At a Press Availability with Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, Attorney General William Barr
Executive Order on Blocking Property Of Certain Persons Associated With International Criminal Court
Walama Court must not be delayed
Memorandum on Safeguarding U.S. National Interests in Arctic and Antarctic Regions
Protest, Repression, and Rights in United States
McGowan running scared of High Court border challenge
Appeal after woman drives at police, rams police vehicle and flees – Constitution Hill
On Chinese Communist Party’s Obscene Propaganda
Statement by President 6 June
United States Commends People of Burundi on Presidential Elections of May 20
Proclamation on Modifying Northeast Canyons And Seamounts Marine National Monument
Presidential Determination Pursuant to Section 1245 and of National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012
Selwyn Snell to retire as Chair of Hort Innovation
Denmark’s Constitution Day
Statement from White House Press Secretary Commemorating 31st Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre
Memorandum on Protecting United States Investors from Significant Risks from Chinese Companies
EO on Accelerating Nation’s Economic Recovery from COVID-19 Emergency by Expediting Infrastructure Investments
Memorandum on Governors’ Use of National Guard to Respond to COVID-19 and to Facilitate Economic Recovery
Executive Order on Advancing International Religious Freedom
Press Briefing by Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany 2 June