Shoppers urged to BUY drone safety

Civil Aviation Safety Authority


Christmas shoppers are being urged to put safety first when buying drones this festive season.

Shoppers should be on the lookout for a new safety symbol whenever buying a drone.

The drone safety advocate symbol means a drone is being purchased from a responsible retailer, manufacturer or wholesaler.

The symbol has the words Know your drone safety advocate next to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority logo.

Suppliers that have signed up to be drone safety advocates have committed to play a key role in safety education.

“Drone safety advocates have pledged to follow a specific set of guidelines when selling drones,” CASA spokesman Peter Gibson says.

“The guidelines ensure they are providing consumers with important safety information on when, where, and how they can use their drone safely— and stay within the law.”

DJI, Zero-X, C.R. Kennedy, EE Group Australia, Fly the Farm, Officeworks and Rise Above Custom Drone Solutions are Australia’s first drone safety advocates.

“This is a voluntary joint initiative between CASA, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers,” Mr Gibson says.

“The outcome will be better drone safety education and encouragement for safe and responsible flying from the first time a new drone takes to the skies.

“Our research indicates consumers expect to be informed about the drone safety rules at the time they purchase their drone.

“Drones are great fun, and by following the simple rules everyone can enjoy flying safely.”

Australia’s drone safety rules have been in effect since 2002 and are designed to protect people, property and other aircraft.

The drone safety rules, an interactive quiz and a complete list of drone safety advocates are available online at

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