Simon Costa AO steps up to help fight new Aussie battle

Bluearth foundation

New Chairman Simon Costa AO to take on the Aussie physical activity crisis

National not-for-profit organisation Bluearth Foundation is delighted to announce Simon Costa AO as the new chairman of the board and Peter Parker as Chief Executive Officer, effective mid November 2019.

The Bluearth Foundation was established to improve the health and well being of Australian communities through increasing their levels of physical activity. The Foundation focuses its work on engaging children in movement and to instil in them a lifelong love of mindful physical activity.

Costa, philanthropist and business leader brings with him significant experience as a leadership professional and is not a stranger to changing lives. Costa AO was recognised for his tireless humanitarian work with the United Nations World Food Program and now there is an Australian crisis that needs his help.

Malcolm Freake Patron and Founder of the Bluearth Foundation, said that the Board was delighted with Costa’s appointment and was looking forward to supporting Simon in his quest to grow and expand the organisations work.

“Simon brings a wealth of experience to the Foundation and we are excited by his commitment to bring Bluearth and the mission to the attention of corporates and the community right across Australia. We are at a crossroad and our sedentary lifestyle is causing more problems than ever before amongst our Aussie kids.

“My principal objective will be supporting the Bluearth team to be more effective in raising community awareness regarding the urgency of engaging in regular physical activity. Although the critical health and well-being issues associated with inactivity are supported by irrefutable scientific evidence, it matters little if the message is unheard or ignored. Our priority will be collaborating with key industry stakeholders to grow the network of informed people required to advance the mission of Bluearth and improve the quality of countless lives in the process.” Costa said.

Bluearth is also delighted that Peter Parker has accepted the Chief Operating Officer position after two years on the board. “I’m inspired to address this problem of physical inactivity because as an Osteopath with 25 years’ experience, it’s my passion. I have witnessed a gradual decline in the health of our children and community. It is unacceptable and has to be halted.” Parker said.

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