South Australia’s 9 most amazing animal rescues of 2019

As clever as they may be, it’s no secret that our animal friends often find themselves in trouble. This leads our committed team of four rescue officers to save over 1,000 animals every year from all kinds of sticky situations.

We’ve narrowed down our favourite RSPCA South Australia rescues of 2019 to a list of just 9. And of course, these are all complete with the happy endings we love!

1. 250km mercy dash for abandoned puppies

In March this year, Rescue Officer Brigitte made a long-distance mercy dash to Port Pirie to collect twelve puppies originally left in a plastic crate at Whyalla’s council dog and cat centre. Good old Brigitte then transported the puppies, so young their eyes had barely opened, 250 km to RSPCA South Australia’s Lonsdale shelter, where they could receive specialised round-the-clock foster care. Thanks to help from our extremely generous supporters, they soon grew to be big and strong, and all found loving forever homes.

2. Brave kitty’s brush with death after deadly snake bite

Poor Manasa was was just 10 months old when she was found on the verge of death in a garden bed, barely able to move after being bitten by a snake. Even worse, her prematurely-born kittens laid dead beside her. It was a truly heartbreaking scene – and it’s lucky RSPCA Rescue Officer Nalika arrived when she did. But the brave kitty – named Manasa after the Hindi goddess of the snakes – lived for her *tail* to be told. She now lives a totally charmed life indoors, where fur dad Eric says she “jumps nearly a metre high playing with her toys!”

3. An unusual Easter present

This cat was dumped at a random house in Adelaide’s city centre in his carrier… along with his bed, food, toys and a note that read: ‘Happy Easter! This is cat for you.’ Rescue Officer Nalika rushed to bring him to our Lonsdale shelter, soon realising that this unusual Easter present was suffering from a broken jaw. After receiving specialist surgery, the lucky kitty – aptly named Jaws – made a full recovery and found a loving forever home.

4. Baad luck on a chilly afternoon

This poor sheep was spotted in a field on the outskirts of the Northern Expressway, with her head firmly trapped in a wire fence. The reason for her predicament? Likely a desire to reach the fresh grass shoots on the opposite side! Carefully and gently, Rescue Officer Dave bent the wire outward and pulled the sheep’s head out. Managing to escape without any injuries from the ordeal, the sheep was again free to frolic to her heart’s content.

5. Unconventional Bunnings regular

A regular at Mile End Bunnings, this Magpie called Charlie found himself in a pickle when he ended up with some hair and string tangled around his legs – ouch! Luckily, Rescue Officer Nalika and Inspector Emma swooped in to take him to Kurralta Park Vets where he received immediate care. Since the hair and string had become deeply embedded in his feet, Charlie was given a magpie-sized bandage and placed on antibiotics. After spending three days recovering with our friends at SOWFI wildlife carers to finish his antibiotics, Charlie was safely returned back home.

6. A spooky Halloween for this tiny tabby

On Halloween, this tiny kitten found herself in a scary predicament – she was trapped at the bottom of a concrete cylinder in the rural outskirts of Virginia. In fact, the location of this kitten’s pickle was so rural that it had no fixed address, and Rescue Officer Dave had some trouble locating her! Scary indeed! Luckily, Dave arrived at the abandoned railway structure just before darkness, greeted by the kitten’s faint meows. She darted between cobwebs as Dave lowered his net into the maw of the concrete beast, until he finally scooped up the kitten to safety. Hoorah!

7. Adventurous possum freed from bus chassis

This poor possum found himself stuck in a bus chassis in Alberton and couldn’t escape. With the possum’s life on the line, it was vital for Rescue Officer Brigitte to work quickly and skilfully. Thankfully, the adventurous creature was quickly untangled and could enjoy freedom once more when released back into the wild.

8. Lotsa lamb love

This baby lamb was spotted beside a road at Lewiston in July, with no other sheep nearby. A concerned local scooped her up and cared for her until Rescue Officer Nalika arrived in our Animal Ambulance to bring her to specialist care. Now named Scoot, this little girl has very much landed on her feet – she’s been adopted by our Chief Inspector Andrea! Scoot now lives with a small flock of other much-loved pet sheep.

9. Close care for pocket-sized dinosaurs

At just a few days old, these adorable baby rosellas were found lying on the floor of an empty building and brought into our Stepney headquarters. Luckily for the duo, Rescue Officer Brigitte swooped to their rescue, taking them in to foster and provide around-the-clock care in the absence of their parents. Under the watchful eye of Brigitte, the babies were able to grow stronger every day.

We couldn’t be prouder of the amazing work of our committed RSPCA South Australia rescue team, who work tirelessly year-round to ensure the safety and welfare of animals in need. Our four rescue officers are funded entirely by community donations, so to all our supporters: thank you for helping us help animals.

If you notice an animal in distress, please don’t hesitate to contact our rescue team by calling 1300 4 777 22. Who knows, your rescue story might just appear on this list next year.

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