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For one day only, Adelaide Botanic Garden opens to dogs
Record number of bonded canine pairs seeking homes together
For Sale signs up as RSPCA SA prepares to move
To pat or not to pat? How to keep interactions between kids and dogs safe
What to do in a dog attack – and why they hate posties so much
Felines in care soar to record numbers
Anxiety, fear and uncertainty – owners share their stories of owning squishy-faced dog
Attack of peacocks and cat covered in paint
RSPCA mourns passing of Jill Bottrall
Shrinking Sophie perfect fit as RSPCA SA’s ambassadog for Million Paws Walk fundraiser
Animal Care campus update
Sophie’s weight loss journey is just getting started
Laws must change to protect pet owners during South Australia’s rental crisis
Couple setenced for starving husky to death + upcoming cases in April
Zeus and Odin, gods of tenderness
RSPCA’s prosecutions ramp up into March
Moving fattest dog we have ever seen + Magpie rescued from mouse trap
From tyre to classroom – rescued kittens make learning fun
MOOving collection of this year’s Pet Photo contest winners and finalists
Three-day Adoptathon aims for rapid rehome of 200 animals
Shotguns in tranquil wetlands get greenlight again
Hollie bordercollie and her struggle with chronic skin disease
Cats trapped in trees, drains and rainwater tanks – read more in our team rescue wrap up
Tiny Jazz was sole survivor of her litter
This three-legged cat reminds us how important it is to keep our furry friends safely contained
Peaks and troughs – SA’s annual kitten season is rough ride
October/November court files: Prison for owner of Marley
No, it’s not OK to chain your cat up – new local council cat by-law is inhumane and ill-informed
Paws on pavement – Walking your dog during summer
Senior cat Beans gets fresh start
Senior pets for older Australians
One family’s 455km journey to adopt Alfie, loveable pup who was living life of neglect
Marty – our resilient and smoochy animal emergency cat
September/October court files: Couple sentenced to six weeks imprisonment for starving mastiff dogs
Everything you need to know about parvovirus
Lost on streets for two months, thankfully Brixton was microchipped
Brixton was lost on streets for two months, thankfully she was microchipped
Allan’s rescuer found him perfect home
Rescue Officer who has saved over 11,500 animals
Forbidden fruit – how backyard nets are harming fruit bats
Arthritis in animals: how to spot it and how to treat it
Senior cat Zeus wins over diehard dog lover
Old Lady Peaches Picks New Home
July/August case list: Whyalla couple prosecuted in one of worst chronic neglect cases RSPCA SA has seen
Whyalla couple prosecuted in one of worst chronic neglect cases RSPCA SA has seen
Are dog friendly libraries way of future?
RSPCA SA faces skyrocketing animal numbers during 7-day lockdown
Shadow dog with two forever homes