Stage 4 restrictions put a halt to production for Caravan Industry Manufacturers in Victoria

Caravan Industry Victoria

Stage 4 restrictions put a halt to production for Caravan Industry

Manufacturers in Victoria.

With the state of Victoria now entering into the second week of the ‘State of Disaster’ restrictions implemented by the Victorian Government, where Regional Victoria is in Stage 3 and Metropolitan Melbourne is in Stage 4, Caravan Industry Victoria (CIV) spent last week lobbying for the industry’s manufacturing members to stay open with an exemption.

Chief Executive Rob Lucas and the Association’s lobbyists worked hard, running a number of arguments to fight for business in the caravan and RV manufacturing industry to be exempt from the six (6) week shut down period. Late Friday (7 August 2020) after another round of meetings and discussions, Caravan Industry Victoria received clarification from the Victorian Government that unfortunately the news was not positive and the application for exemption had been denied.

When asked why the Association needed clarification, Rob Lucas CEO confirmed;

“Clarification as to whether members could open and trade was crucial to ensure members were operating under the permitted industry directions of the Victorian Government. The Association felt there were a number of grey areas when Premier Daniel Andrews initially announced the Permitted industry List on Monday 3rd August. With further amendments made during last week, we needed to be sure they could or could not operate”.

In challenging times, it is important Caravan Industry Victoria is representing its members to ensure their interests are being heard unfortunately on this occasion the Victorian Government decided the Caravan and RV Manufacturing industry was not a permitted industry and it will need to remain closed for the duration of the six (6) weeks declared a State of Disaster.

Chief Executive Rob Lucas said; “While we are working to keep everyone safe and COVID free we all need to be mindful of the long-term effects of the shutdown on members livelihoods which are at stake, the Association is very conscious of this and are offering significant support for all members”.

Lucas continued; “We will bounce back as an industry we are very resilient we just want to make sure customers of our members are patient through this difficult period.


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