State Gov’t Refuses to Match Police Pay Offer for their own Police Custody Officers

Community and Public Sector Union

CPSU Secretary Karen Batt will meet with unsworn police members on Wednesday (tmrw) for a breakfast bargaining BBQ opposite the Geelong Police/Courts precinct in Johnstone Park from 8AM.

Ms Batt said, “politicians have loaded up their own pay packets and been generous with other public sector occupations but not their own Unsworn police and Custody Officers. This is not good enough..”

“The State wants to make widespread changes but does not want to adequately compensate workers for facilitating, co-operating with, and delivering that change, and the consequential productivity savings.”

“We are fast becoming the forgotten State workforce,” she said.

Ms. Batt said, “the current offer from the Government pales in comparison to what other State employees have been offered in their EBA negotiations.

“Once again, VPS employees are being over-looked and undervalued.”

“Victoria Police can’t become a divided workforce where Sworn Officers are perceived as being of higher value than other Police staff in that workforce,” she said.

CPSU Members Breakfast Bargaining BBQ

from 8AM Wednesday 4th March 2020

in Johnstone Park opp Geelong Police/Courts precinct

Karen Batt 0418 55 29 25

/Public Release.