Sue Hickey must set record straight and release pay claim submission

  • Ridiculous pay rise submission should be made public
  • Tasmanians deserve to know the truth
  • Will Hodgman should block the pay rise
  • The Liberal Member for Clark, Sue Hickey, must publicly release her submission to the Tasmanian Industrial Commission to clear up any ‘misrepresentations’ surrounding her ridiculous pay claim.

    In Parliament today, Ms Hickey claimed she had been misrepresented over the submission, which called for her to receive an $80,000 pay rise.

    Labor Leader, Rebecca White, said the only way to clear the matter up was for Sue Hickey to be honest with Tasmanians.

    “If Sue Hickey feels so strongly that she has been misrepresented then she can set the record straight by making her submission public,” Ms White said.

    “Tasmanians are clearly angry about Sue Hickey’s demand for a 40 per cent pay rise and deserve to know what motivated her to ask for such an enormous rise when at the same time wages for everyone else aren’t keeping up with the cost of living.

    “Will Hodgman can also show he doesn’t support such an absurd claim by blocking a pay rise for Sue Hickey by demanding she withdraw her submission to the Industrial Commission, or by refusing to amend the legislation governing the salaries for parliamentarians.”

    Rebecca White MP

    Labor Leader