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Integrative Medicine Center Measures Clinical Effectiveness
Acupuncture May Reduce Breast Cancer Therapy Side Effects
Acupuncture May Reduce Side Effects of Breast Cancer Therapy
Notice: Retraction of Prior D Research Issued
Spotlight On High Performance Farming
Service Dogs Boost Quality of Life, Reduce PTSD in Veterans
Opinion: Empirical Evidence Shapes Policy Design
Brain Network Change May Predict Sickle Cell Crisis
Training Future Doctors for Opioid Crisis: Pain Treatment Approach
Research: Self-Regulation Therapy Aids Long COVID Patients
Acupuncture Proven Effective in Depression Treatment, Study Shows
Combat-Related PTSD Treated with Acupuncture
Acupuncture Could Lower Stroke Risk in Arthritis Patients
Acupuncture Could Reduce Stroke Risk in Arthritis Patients
Team Uses Pain Screening to Enhance Pediatric Sickle Cell Care
NIH Reports Surge in Complementary Health Use for Pain
Millennials, Gen Z Snap as Many Pet as Family Photos
Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation Reduces Lumbar Reoperations: Study
Naturopathy Merges with Conventional Techniques in Medicine Future
Acupuncture Could Provide Limited Relief for Chronic Hives
Australia's Long COVID Response: Shortfall in Support
AirPod-Sized Wearable That Can Relieve Kids' Gut Pain
Unsustainable Harvesting Threatens Medicinal Plants
Unlocking Pain Relief: Understanding and Alleviating Discomfort
Mount Sinai Study Reveals Best Outpatient Labor Induction Tactics
Cancer Groups Advocate Mindfulness-Based Treatment for Anxiety
Experts Urge Better Care, Coverage for Chronic Pain Patients on Opioids
WHO Hosts Inaugural Summit on Traditional Medicine
Seeking Help Enhances Your Self-Care Healing Journey
Music Therapy Team Boosts Patient Outcome Collection for Research
Research Shows Music Therapy's Integration Across Large Health System
Novel Clustering Approach Shows Promise for Personalized Electroacupuncture Treatment in Migraine Patients with Aura
Research Finds Laser Therapy Most Effective Treatment for Tinnitus
Science of Acupuncture: Exploring Traditional Chinese Medicine
Electronic Health Records May Have Bias, Affecting Clinical Trials
What We Know About Phytoestrogens for Menopausal Symptoms
North American Menopause Society Releases 2023 Nonhormone Therapy Position Statement
'Prehabilitation' boosts surgery outcomes - new study
Ear Acupuncture with Beads May Help Shed Pounds
Stress-Management Interventions Aid Healthcare Workers for One Year
Factors influencing CVD risk in Asian Americans
Factors affecting CVD risk in Asian Americans: Culture, Diet, Economy
Clinical Trial Shows New Back Pain Treatment Provides Lasting Relief
What if Health Insurance Covered Mindfulness?
Community Hospital Patients Benefit from Music Therapy's Pain Reduction
Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis Reveals Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Pathophysiology
Doctors Endorsed for Cosmetic Surgery: Patient Safety at Risk?
Exercise: More Effective Than Counseling/Medication for Depression