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Big data privacy for machine learning just got 100 times cheaper
UQ startup gets $1.3 million international backing for liver disease treatment
UQ start-up gets $1.3 million international backing for liver disease treatment
Apple unveils game-changing MacBook Pro
New game can help users identify, avoid online echo chambers
Lone changer: Fish camouflage better without friends nearby
New Penn State consortium launches to help fuel energy revolution
Taking steps toward more effective fitness trackers, more physical activity
What was really secret behind Van Gogh’s success?
Energy infrastructure, equitable solutions to be focus of discussion series
Surprisingly popular voting algorithm developed to recover ranked choices
Helping special education teachers under stress
Efforts to wipe-out childhood anaemia fall short
Moreton Bay man sentenced for possessing child abuse material
CBA and Skill Finder collaboration empowers customers to up-skill
Student Loans Company appoints new Chief Financial Officer
AF Career Development Academy transforms CDC content, delivery to Airmen
Wild birds learn to avoid distasteful prey by watching others
Women and lower-education users more likely to tweet personal information
Data breaches: Most victims unaware when shown evidence of multiple compromised accounts
Treating non-humans as stakeholders key to sustainable technologies
Essential workers’ tweets show surprising positivity during pandemic
Two new attacks break PDF certification
Study of police language aims to find patterns that may lead to tragic outcomes
Salesforce and Slack deal not opposed
‘Boost air quality in buildings to reduce respiratory infections’
One-quarter of Pennsylvanians may not get coronavirus vaccine, survey finds
Explanations in online symptom checkers could improve user trust
New tool could help lessen bias in live television broadcasts
MIT.nano courses bring hands-on experimentation to virtual participants
Center for Socially Responsible AI announces inaugural seed funding awards
American Astronomical Society honors an unlikely astrophysics leader from UC Santa Barbara
Technology and media entities join forces to create standards group aimed at building trust in online content
Researchers develop speedier network analysis for a range of computer hardware
Less-wasteful laser-cutting
EPFL spin-off Nexthink becomes new Swiss unicorn
Researchers test detection methods for AI-generated content
Facebook posts could identify substance use risk in homeless youth
Pandemic survey points to design improvements for future remote learning
AI-defined COVID-19 testing strategy could lead to fewer infections
Study suggests smart assistant design improvements for deaf users
Study reveals design flaws of chatbot-based symptom-checker apps
NASA Science Hosts Public Town Hall to Provide Updates
‘Science on Saturday’ features development of diagnostic medical instruments for use in space
Take Part in Cards for Change this Holiday Season
View our Annual Report 2018/19
Adobe Creative JAM Thursday night features finalist teams from UNIV 104
Research aims to automatically answer user questions on online privacy policies