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Better way to match 3D volumes
AI Identifies Similar Materials in Images: Researchers
Jennie Turns Love for Doodling into Illustration Career
FSU Innovation Hub Dedicates New Media Design Lab for Collaborations
Apple Enables Small Businesses to Expand and Serve Customers
Easier way to get bugs out of programming languages
Rutgers Research Office Aids AI Company in Preventing Deepfakes
Autistic artists at Exceptional Minds turn creativity into careers
Sport Stadiums: Societal, Cultural Hubs
Cancer care and lessons learned from pandemic
How to start career in Graphic Design
Leadpoint Reduces Settlement Periods for Aussie Home Buyers, Borrowers
Microfiber Pollution: Washing’s Impact on Environment
China’s Lunar New Year exodus cools major cities
Half of US coastal communities underestimate sea level risks
Lunar New Year 2023: What does Year of Rabbit mean?
Apple unveils MacBook Pro featuring M2 Pro and M2 Max
Apple introduces new Mac mini with M2 and M2 Pro
UrbanTwin: seeing double for sustainability 18 December
Submission to UN on Child Rights in Spain Submitted
Spain Submits to UN Child Rights Committee
UrbanTwin: seeing double for sustainability
Making “transport” robots smarter
Computer Security: Freemium paywalls
Being comfortable with aging can benefit sex life
5 things to know about… this holiday shopping season
Arecibo Observatory Scientists Publish Major Study on Near-Earth Asteroids
Having more babies lowers risk of endometrial cancer
Kahlert Foundation donates $15 million to School of Computing
AI image generation is advancing at astronomical speeds
Non-native species are also beneficial to ecosystem
Conspiracy theories thrive on YouTube, new study
AI system makes models like DALL-E 2 more creative
Shark impact on fishing communities
NVIDIA GTC to feature CEO Jensen Huang keynote announcing new AI and Metaverse technologies
All-new MacBook Air with M2 available to order starting Friday, July 8
Expanding artistic frontiers in artificial intelligence
Lawyers must adapt to age of digitalisation
Swinburne learning and teaching approaches awarded Adobe Innovation Grants
Can two worlds bleed? How live action role-play affects your life
Is your insurance company watching you online and is it legal?
Chronicling faces of Juneteenth with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
New hope for therapy against retinitis pigmentosa
‘Transparency reports’ from tech giants are vague on how they’re combating misinformation
Apple unveils all-new MacBook Air, supercharged by new M2 chip
Google, GE, ClearPath have joined new Princeton research consortium focusing on low-carbon technology
Library Creative Studio now open
Very high doses of cannabis component CBD don’t affect driving