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Girls Who Are Emotionally Neglected or Severely Sexually Abused When Young Report Riskier Sexual Behaviors
How do social media and loss of sleep affect young people’s mental health?
Progress made on youth drowning, but more work required
Cannabidiol use during pregnancy affects brain and behavior in adulthood
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Living with menstruation is more than pads and toilets
4 Things Your Teen Needs
Y+ Global launches COVID-19 fund to support young people living with HIV
HKUMed discovers a novel gene in causing rare disease “heterotaxy syndrome”
Maternal Immune Activation Induces Sustained Changes in Fetal Microglia Motility
Study highlights neurological impact of Covid-19 on children
WHO launches Baseline report for Decade of Healthy Ageing
Associate Professor Joshua Vogel is Alastair Lucas Prize winner
Local builder Civmec to construct rainbow Perth Kids’ Bridge
Ramsay Foundation and QUT tackle disadvantage
Taking action on mental health to support young people
Nearly Half of Young Drivers Are Resuming Driving Just Weeks After Sustaining a Concussion
NHMRC Ideas Grants for Burnet research
Young adults who identify as Republicans more often ignore COVID-19 safety precautions
Children’s mental health review to drive future focus
Study goal to reduce rates of C-section
Luby honored for advancing understanding of brain, behavior disorders
How does Christmas Impact Vulnerable Young People?
Youth depression tied to higher risk of 66 diseases and premature death
Joint working improving children’s access to mental health services
Steep rise in depressive symptoms among 7-12 year olds during UK-wide lockdown
Significant increase in depression seen among children during first lockdown
Study: Bartonella Infection Associated With Psychiatric Symptoms and Skin Lesions
Charting developing brain
Strengthening Australia’s immunisation program
Study demonstrates life-saving potential of midwifery scale-up
Pandemic Threatens to Push 72 Million More Children into Learning Poverty World Bank outlines a New Vision
New toolkit aims to improve global birth defects surveillance
UCLA awarded $25 million to advance HIV research for women and children
Design unveiled for Manly youth hospice
320,000 children and adolescents newly infected with HIV in 2019
Update: WHO revision of pain management guidelines
Monash project tackles post-pandemic mental health challenges facing adolescents
Research shows how hallucinogens shaped prehistoric cave art
Differences in well-being amongst Somali, Latino and Hmong adolescents
Statement on World Children’s Day
Vaping decision closes loophole
Your Right To A Better World
WHO launches new roadmap on human resource strategies to ensure that all newborns survive and thrive
ASHA award for Dr Elissa Kennedy
Researchers Leveraging CT Health Data to Develop Suicide Risk Algorithms
“I bribed them all” – Hidden cameras capture damning confession and continued cruelty
Greatly increased risk of attempted suicide in girls after sexual abuse