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Gay, lesbian and bisexual teens in lockdown at increased risk, new research shows
Enhanced e-book helps close word gap in children from families of low socio-economic status
Imperial academics inform policymakers on preventing online harms
Understanding ‘big emotions’: early-intervention helps reduce toddler tantrums
Early-intervention program helps reduce toddler tantrums, aggressive behaviour
In global report, U of M researchers find institutional care negatively impacts children’s development
Social media and online harms: Imperial researchers inform policymakers
Online program significantly improves insomnia in adolescent and young adult cancer survivors, study finds
Ward 4K redevelopment resumes
International Day for Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict UK statement
Links in teen sleep and depression
First study on use of Catalan in Youtube and Instagram content for young adults
Targeted interventions can improve future of world’s most vulnerable
Study finds better glucose control for young people with diabetes using continuous monitoring devices
Foster care and child well-being: Insights in time of coronavirus
Mental Health Reforms Program
HKUMed researchers reveal clinical characteristics and epidemiological trend of COVID-19 infected children
Link between rising use of antidepressants and youth suicide
Research reveals alarming link between rising antidepressant use and suicide rates among young Australians
Largest study into impact of pandemic on global communities
Risk of teen substance use may increase while social distancing
HPV vaccine manufacturers commit to provide enough supply to immunize
New research finds half of UK parents uncomfortable with children returning to school
Specialist Youth Justice degree for all officers working with children
Impact of children’s loneliness today could manifest in depression for years to come
Expanded PBS medicines listings to provide new treatment options for over 170,000 asthmatics
Investing in Girls and Women’s Empowerment in and Beyond Sahel
Participants sought for child, adolescent misophonia study
Users of high-potency cannabis four times more likely to report associated problems
Adolescent exposure to anesthetics may cause alcohol use disorder, new research shows
$13.7 million to further adolescent brain development study
How to save your summer vacation from COVID-19
Liberia to Strengthen Health Services and Expand New Redemption Hospital in Caldwell
Family environment affects adolescent brain development
Teens shocked by suicide portrayal in ’13 Reasons Why’ study finds
COVID-19 teenage lockdown study
Teenage years are ruff on dogs too
Social media influencers could encourage adolescents to follow social distancing guidelines, say researchers
Action needed to protect kids from COVID-19 racism spike
What would Florence think of nurses and midwives in 2020?
Research highlights concerns about link between ADHD drug prescriptions and amphetamine use in WA
‘Loss of pleasure’ in teen sleep study
Why COVID-19 loneliness can be especially hard on teens
Handle with Care: How Parenting Shapes Adolescents’ Values
Adolescents’ Sexual Risk Behavior Is Sharply Reduced with Involvement of Parents and Healthcare Providers
Potential biomarker for autism identified in infants
Vaping and edible use of marijuana growing among adolescent users
Multi-million support for vulnerable children during COVID-19