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Network 10 and Nickelodeon series Rock Island Mysteries Returns to Queensland to film Season 2
Detroit eviction filings on track to return to pre-pandemic level as Covid protections expire
Rise of Smart Garden – New report with national findings
Discovery of endocannabinoid gene mutation leads to identification of new, rare pediatric neurological disease
Artificial intelligence takes guesswork out of lateral flow tests
Research links omega-3s to improved brain structure, cognition at midlife
Why women may be more susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease
Voice control smart devices might hinder kids’ social and emotional development
KAUST’s pioneering AI initiatives showcased at 2022 Global AI Summit
UKHO appoints Marion Leslie as Non-Executive Chair
E-cigarette use to reduce cigarette smoking may not increase nicotine dependence
Palaeontology field keeps you on your toes
IRobot’s Roomba will soon be owned by Amazon, which raises privacy questions
Amazon just took over a primary healthcare company for a lot of money
Turia Pitt is hard work… you bet, and now it’s weekly
State Department Announces 27th Experience America Visit to Delaware
Hey Siri: How Much Does This Galaxy Cluster Weigh?
Acclaimed Global Fintech Firm Sets Up In Victoria
World first self-calibrated photonic-chip: interchange for optical data superhighways
Ethnic pride may help protect Latino college students from problem drinking
Women Innovator Awards support diversity in invention
Novel sleep education learning modules developed for nurse practitioners
Taking opioids at home after surgery: More harms than benefits
UCI neuroscientists create maps of brain after traumatic brain injury
Fluorescence microscopy reveals how living cells form vesicles to transport cargo like growth factors
With her prof’s emotional support, University of Toronto grad achieves ‘dream’ of earning degree
Citizen science helping endangered species
Supporting Our Science Students
AI pretenders
What’s in poem? That which we call tree… – Wollongong
Four recipients of 2022 Awards of Excellence in Nursing announced from Indigenous Services Canada
Sialylation of epidermal growth factor receptor modulates cell mechanics and enhances invasion
When AI companions for lonely people seem bit too human
Spoken descriptions of new technologies provoke more positive attitudes than written ones
Researcher explores how to make AI ‘more intelligent’
‘ UV-LED lights can kill coronaviruses and HIV with flip of switch
Correcting night blindness in dogs
High pollen levels expected in spring, with normal values returning in summer
Voices of Our Ukrainian-American Community
More Than Words: Oral Storytelling Project Brings Black History to Life
New rules for tech giants
Why language is like charades – and could save us from AI
Police violence linked to higher rates of preterm delivery, heart disease among Black women
Leafy greens first dished up 3,500 years ago
Increasing use of technology driving new forms of domestic abuse
2020 volcanic eruption leads to hours-long thunderstorm
Making invisible visible: tracing origins of plants in West African cuisine
Voice technology for rest of world