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System for designing and training intelligent soft robots
State-of-the-art technology will allow physicians to identify patients who are
New holographic camera sees unseen with high precision
Microgrids and Solar Reduce Risk of Power Outages
Combination Frequency Differencing: Draft NIST Cybersecurity White Paper
Researchers develop an algorithm to increase efficiency of quantum computers
Feast or forage? Study finds circuit that helps brain decide
Protein variant identified that renders chemotherapy ineffective in gastric cancer
Swerving prevention method prompts new patent for USF engineers
Hospitals have ethical obligation to care for unvaccinated severe Covid patients
New research twists elusive ‘exotic’ quantum particles
Twisting elusive quantum particles
Eye imaging technology breaks through skin by crossing beams
Engineer s create perching bird-like robot
AI algorithm can predict long-term patient survival after cardiac surgery, Mayo Clinic study finds
New system for analysing thoracic CT scans with deep learning enables Covid lesion detection
Algorithm for mine blasting wins innovation award
Scientists model circadian clock neurons in day-active animal for first time
Better understanding of plasmas for more efficient splitting of CO2
‘Transformational’ approach to machine learning could accelerate search for new disease treatments
Newly improved quantum algorithm performs full configuration interaction calculations without controlled time evolutions
New algorithm efficiently diagnoses shale fracture results from fiber-optic data
Guiding Tianwen-1 to China’s first successful Mars rover landing
Machine learning solves who’s who problem in NMR spectra of organic crystals
Interview with Jonesy and Amanda, WSFM
Which stereotypes are ingrained in AI language models?
New algorithm could save lives: Predicts COVID-related intensive care unit resource use
Scientists use AI to optimize several flow battery properties simultaneously
Astroonomers discover more than 300 possible new exoplanets
Development of an artificial intelligence model based on novel concept with excellent performance for detecting and analyzing
New snow tracking sensor
Fighting blood diseases with artificial intelligence
Accurate and Flexible: New Microrobotic Trajectory Tracking Method Using Broad Learning System
Modeling quantum spin liquids using machine learning
Do online recommender tools really improve decision making?
New holographic camera sees unseen with high precision
Study links Older-looking brains to lower birth weight and genes
X15 launches deal discovery app, Cheddar
Scientists use machine learning to help combat crime by identifying potential street drug compounds
Faster and better treatment for Parkinson’s disease with Manage PD tool
New Polymer Detection Method to Turn Tide in Fight Against Water Pollution
Novel algorithm on wearable devices can detect irregular heartbeat, may prompt early care
Do-It-Yourself artificial pancreas given approval by team of experts
Dexterous robotic hands manipulate thousands of objects with ease
Worried about someone’s drug use? Here’s how to help
We studied suicide notes to learn about language of despair – and we’re training AI chatbots to do same
Supportive strategies help “picky eaters” deal with food aversions
Viral true tweets spread just as far as viral untrue tweets