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New brain-painting method developed at USF being tested for ADHD treatment
Technique protects privacy when making online recommendations
Teaching physics to AI makes student master
Energy-efficient AI hardware technology via brain-inspired stashing system?
Energy-Efficient AI Hardware Technology Via Brain-Inspired Stashing System
Chemists skew odds to prevent cancer
University-developed software that doubles 3D printing speeds hits market
On road to cleaner, greener, and faster driving
New Approach Allows for Faster Ransomware Detection
Vertical matrix X-ray detector for multi-energy discrimination
Algorithm reveals faults in self-driving test vehicles
Versatile, flexible, and economical sensors
Decoding leaf: scientists search for features to ID modern, fossil leaves
Analysis enhancements and revised database for Sheep Genetics
Stablecoin volatility shows an urgent need for regulation to protect consumers
Astronomers snap first-ever image of supermassive black hole Sagitarrius A*
Finding our galactic centre
New algorithm dramatically increases speed of identifying two cancer drugs that work synergistically
Recommendation algorithms that power Amazon, Netflix can improve satellite imagery, too
KU Leuven study demonstrates connection between large urban trees and human health
‘Machine learning’ improves rainfall mapping, water plans
Live monitoring of brain metabolism with fluorescence
NIST Finds Wireless Performance Consistent Across 5G Millimeter-Wave Bands
What Spotify and Tinder aren’t telling us
“Lens-less” Imaging Through Advanced Machine Learning for Next Generation Image Sensing Solutions
Using matrix to help Meta gear up
Candy-coated pills could prevent pharmaceutical fraud
Retinal cell map could advance precise therapies for blinding diseases
Interpreting bioimages with deep learning
Asteroid treasure in Hubble archive
Collaborators from Harvard University and QuEra Computing observe quantum speed-up in optimization problems
New GP blood test could help diagnose ovarian cancer faster and more accurately, according to research funded by Wellbeing of Women
Researchers Find Way to Make Traffic Models More Efficient
Rapid Adaptation of Deep Learning Teaches Drones to Survive Any Weather
Bye, bye, biopsy? Handheld device could painlessly identify skin cancers
“Black Widow” Star Devours Its Rapidly Circling Companion
Artificial intelligence system learns concepts shared across video, audio, and text
Interactivity improves transparency, deepens trust of AI symptom checkers
Proposed spacecraft navigation uses x-rays from dead stars
Wi-Fi May Be Coming Soon to Lamppost Near You
How can we be sure machine learning is accurate?
Research finds AI-enabled ECGs may identify patients at greater risk of stroke, cognitive decline
Search reveals eight new sources of black hole echoes
What drives rechargeable battery decay? Depends on how many times you’ve charged it
“Lens-less” imaging through advanced machine learning for next generation image sensing solutions
‘Polaroids’ help scientists detect hazardous ice on airplane plating
Research finds genetic changes in patients who progress to esophageal cancer
Innovative application helps students learn to write