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Key task in computer vision and graphics gets a boost
‘Greener’ greenhouse by new climate control algorithm
Diabetes study furthers work on ‘artificial pancreas’
Helping soft robots turn rigid on demand
Scientists dig deep to reveal Earth’s hidden layer
AI shows attitude toward COVID-19 is more ‘infectious’ than disease itself
New Algorithm Identifies ‘Escaping’ Cells in Single-cell CRISPR Screens, Uncovers New Regulators of Immune Cell Behavior
NTU Singapore scientists develop laser system that generates random numbers at ultrafast speeds
SMC response to government’s plan for 2021 exams and catch-up
New tool reveals security and privacy issues with contact tracing apps
Education Secretary statement to MPs on education recovery and qualifications
Teacher assessed grades for students
‘Mind-reading’ test validates remarkable world of synaesthetes
Interview: Reaching quantum speed limit
Researchers develop speedier network analysis for a range of computer hardware
New NIST algorithm for NV center diamond magnetometry speeds up experiments by an order of magnitude
Heat loss control method in fusion reactors
Social Media impact
Less-wasteful laser-cutting
Deep learning may help doctors choose better lung cancer treatments
Algorithm that performs as accurately as dermatologists
Applying Quantum Computing to a Particle Process
FLeet: Putting Machine Learning in your pocket
How shared partisanship leads to social media connections
Lab researchers explore ‘learn-by-calibration’ approach to deep learning to accurately emulate scientific process
How to make transparency and explainability in artificial intelligence concrete
A language learning system that pays attention – more efficiently than ever before
University of Exeter partnership develops novel algorithms with power to transform use of quantum computers
Soft robots use camera and shadows to sense human touch
Tiny sensor technique reveals cellular forces involved in tissue generation
‘Audeo’ teaches artificial intelligence to play piano
High-speed Holographic Fluorescence Microscopy System with Submicron Resolution
Chemistry and computer science join forces to apply artificial intelligence to chemical reactions
“I know what you bought at Chipotle”
Do you really need IVF? A new online tool can help you weigh up your options
Underestimated mutation potential of retrogenes
Astronomers detect extended dark matter halo around ancient dwarf galaxy
Improvements to Holographic Displays Poised to Enhance Virtual and Augmented Reality
AFOSR advances science of wound-healing technology
Innovative new 20-minute COVID-19 test begins large-scale testing
Researchers Build Models Using Machine Learning Technique to Enhance Predictions of COVID-19 Outcomes
Researchers speed up analysis of Arctic ice and snow data through artificial intelligence
Ilker Birbil appointed professor of Artificial Intelligence & Optimisation Techniques for Business and Society
Smart imaging system captures individual fly life-cycle transitions
AI-defined COVID-19 testing strategy could lead to fewer infections
New research demonstrates how best camouflage can be found for an arbitrary environment
New theory about spread of antibiotic resistance
“Smiling Eyes” Likely Don’t Signify True Happiness After All